£21.7 million ‘Campus Central’ project gets underway

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Outgoing and incoming sabbatical officers celebrate the start of Campus Central.
Credit: UOS Twitter

A £21.7 million refurbishment, which is set to transform the experience of Stirling students, has gotten underway.

‘Campus Central’ will see a transformation of the Atrium, as well as an expansion of an added three-storey building, which will increase the amount of social space and study areas by 50 per cent.

The developments are expected to be completed during the academic year of 2020/21, so students and staff will realistically be waiting for another two years to see the end product of Campus Central.

University of Stirling Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Gerry McCormac, hopes that Campus Central will be the next step towards the ultimate goal of becoming one of the top 25 universities in the UK. He said:

“The development not only supports our strategic aims in learning, teaching and research but will enable us to significantly enhance the Stirling student experience.”

As well as building on existing facilities, the project will also see the creation of enhanced retail and catering outlets.

There is currently a lack of budget restaurants and cafes on-campus, so students will be keen to find out if some cheaper places to eat, drink and shop will be on the agenda.

The refurbishment is also expected to create a new gateway into the Macrobert Arts Centre, making it more accessible for students to enjoy films, theatre productions and other events.

The project’s design – which also includes a re-landscaped and fully pedestrianised Queen’s Court, and new student support services facilities – has been a true community effort, developed in partnership with the Students’ Union, staff and local stakeholders.

Students’ Union President, Astrid Smallenbroek, said:

“The Students’ Union has worked closely with the University to share the views of students, and our feedback has played an integral part in the plans.”

She added: “We particularly welcome the focus on enhancing the University’s student support service facilities and look forward to seeing the improved spaces in action.”

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