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Date set for Students’ Union by-election

The Student's Union are on a quest to find Nelson's replacement.

The Students’ Union have announced that a by-election will be held in October to replace the Union President role, following the resignation of Nelson Acquah last month.

Despite making history as the first black union president, Nelson admitted he quickly became “overwhelmed” by his role.

Departing after just two months, he will go down as one of the shortest serving presidents in the history of Stirling Students’ Union.

The unusual timing of the by-election means that anyone applying for the role would have to give up their current year of study, which may discourage potential candidates for applying.

And former hopefuls have ruled out re-running, due to commitments to their Masters programmes.

Anyone interested in applying for the role of Union President will be required to have a meeting with the Union’s chief executive beforehand to discuss their options.

A potential union president should be a strong leader who advocates for the core qualities of equality, diversity, inclusion.

They should also be passionate about making students’ lives better.

Nominations open on September 27 and close on October 4.

During this time period, those wishing to put themselves forward for one of the position can do so through the Students’ Union website.

There will also be votes to elect a new non-traditional students officers and a postgraduate officer; these are both unpaid, part-time, voluntary roles.

Featured image credit: Stirling Students’ Union


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