Macrobert to host third Central Scotland Documentary Festival

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The third Central Scotland Documentary Festival will once again be hosted by Macrobert Arts Centre this year.

Running from October 10-14, the festival will feature some of the most promising and exciting new documentaries. Not only will there be screenings of the documentaries themselves, but there will also be opportunities to meet some of the directors during talks and Q&A sessions.

This will be the third Central Scotland Documentary Festival ever hosted. Grahame Reid, the head curator and programmer for the event, has promised to keep the festival as “affordable as possible.”

Tickets are available at £2.50, £5.50 or £8.50 (depending on the amount of events visitors wish to attend). Some events will also be free of charge and there will be an all-access granted festival pass on sale for £25.

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There are many inviting documentaries to be screened this year and Brig has highlighted some of the most exciting work to be showcased:

  • Don’t Be A Dick About It” by Benjamin Mullen. This is a poignant documentary about two brothers, one who suffers from autism and the other from anxiety. The cameras follow them as they support each other through their hectic lives.
  • “For Sama” by Waad Al-Kateab. A touching story from a mother to her daughter as they struggle through five years of the uprising in Aleppo.
  • “Midnight Traveler” by Hassan Fazlll. Forced to flee Afghan by the Taliban, Hassan Fazlll documents his family’s journey as they run for their lives.
Credit: IMDb.com

The festival will last for four days and will show a myriad of new and old documentaries. Tickets can be booked at the box office from 10am to 5pm, on the official website centscotdocufest.org or via phone at 0178646666.

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