Stirling University student candidates announced 2020

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After the shocking results of last year’s student elections, this year holds host to a whole new collective of exciting candidates and surprising news.

Union President

Last year elected Union President Nelson Acquah shocked students by leaving his post a mere two months after being voted in. As a result a hurried by-election took place and Chloe Whyte was elected by a margin of 98 votes. Whyte has been serving as Union President since October of 2019 with little fanfare. However she took to Facebook recently to announce that she would not be running for re-election:

“I can announce that I won’t be re-standing as Students’ Union President in the upcoming elections...I knew that the successful candidate wouldn’t have a lot of time to enact the change they wanted to see on campus…But it’s also the most rewarding job I’ve had.”

Whyte’s full statement can be read here. So if not Chloe, who is running for Union President?

In an interesting move, the current VP of Education Amy Smith has announced her candidacy for the role. She is promising to prioritise climate change, support for activism as well as better bus systems for students. Following on from her previous campaign Amy is also focusing on improving mental health. Her full manifesto can be read here.

Amy Smith. Credit: Stirling Student Union

Running against the current Sabbatical officer is Morgan Lewis-Wilson (Mo). Also an advocate for mental health, Lewis-Wilson is also choosing to focus on the current strike/solidarity news – a story Brig broke, which can be found in full detail here.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Vice President of Communities

Josh Muirhead, current VP of Communities has chosen to re-run for the role. Following on from a turbulent year, Muirhead is promising to tackle accommodation problems within the university, develop clubs and societies and keep up current process with sustainability.

Josh Muirhead. Credit: Josh Muirhead

Running against Josh is Jess Reid. Her main focuses from her manifesto are sustainability, health and well-being, housing and clubs and societies.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Vice President of Education

There is only one candidate running for VP of Education this year: Lexi Ehresmann. Her manifesto focuses on helping international students, mental health higher education accessibility.

Credit: Stirling Students Union

Sports President

In another interesting turn of events, current Sports President Gill Thayne has also chosen not to run for re-election. Following on from a successful year Thayne declared she “had a hoot and would not recommend it enough.”

One student putting themselves forward is Edd Keeler. His manifesto promises to promote inclusiveness, mental health and the development of sports teams and socities.

Edd Keeler. Credit: Stirling Students Union

Running against Keeler is Craig Stephen. He is vowing to focus on accessibility, community and excellence. His full manifesto can be read here.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Arts Officer

The new position of Arts officer was only created within the Stirling university union recently. This role would cover the existing arts societies such as the drama society and the creative writing society. As it stands, there is only one person up for election: Jack Williamson. He pledges to work on forming an arts union, maintaining airthrey cottage and representing the arts socities as a whole.

Jack Williamson. Credit: Stirling Students Union

Co-Curricular Officer

Another role with only one candidate, Jamie McDiarmid is the current non-traditional students officer. His new manifesto details plans on highlighting awareness, publicising clubs and socities and promoting volunteering.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Sustainability Officer

Lily Climie wants to work toward a better greener future. Points highlighted in her manifesto include continuing to look at the university’s carbon footprint, protecting the campus grounds and looking into parking spaces.

Lily Climie. Credit: Stirling Student Union

Running against Climie is Matthew Morrison. He is promising Stirling students to promote a green Stirling, work with local high schools and enforce a campus wide ban on plastic utensils.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Housing Officer

Cian Ireland is putting himself forward for re-election this year, promising to develop on his last manifesto. Key points include working on rent deals, building the tenants union and developing a Lettings Oversight Committee.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Unfortunately there have been no approved candidates for Media Officer this year.

International Officer

Dimitrios Terzis is the lone candidate for International Officer this year. His manifesto includes diversity, effective communication and increased cooperation.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Engagement Officer

Continuing this year’s trend of lone candidates, Euan Stainbank is the only person running for Engagement Officer. His manifesto highlights part time employment aid, mental health support and democratic reform.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Post Graduate Officer

Sonny Bailey has put himself forward for the post graduate role, promising to promote in outreach, community and mental health.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Non-Traditional Students Officer

Altair Seel ran against the current non-trad officer in the last by-election and now he has put himself forward again. Seel’s manifesto states that he will be a voice for students, strengthen relationships and to promote greater involvement with the union.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Health and Wellbeing Officer

Chiara Boscolo is one of the hopefuls running for this position. Her manifesto is highlighting mental health, sexual health, social health and physical health also.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Running against Boscolo is Sam Davis who is promising to make mental health a priority, promote sober late night events at the university and work for healthier meals on campus.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Sports Union Communication Officer

Juliette Oliveras has included several agendas on her manifesto, but the highlights include: improving communication on campus, highlighting athletes performances and to create a welcoming atmosphere for sports students and their supportive peers.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer

Running for this role is Tash Miller, who pledges to continue developing the Social Club, engage more students with sport and to create more opportunities for socialisation along with getting active.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

Voting for the elections opens at 9am on Monday the 9th of March and closes at 6:15pm on the 10th of March. You can vote through the Student Union website.

Featured image credit: Stirling Student Union

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