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Ex Union Pres Nelson endorses Chloe Whyte to fill his shoes

Nelson has messaged Chloe Whyte's campaign manager with advice for the upcoming by-election.

Former Students’ Union President Nelson Acquah has endorsed Chloe Whyte to be his replacement.

Speaking to Brig, Nelson, who quit the role for personal reasons three months into his year-long tenure, said: “I have gone through the manifestos and having been at the Union for sometime, I believe her manifesto is very feasible and easily achievable.”

Nelson changed his Facebook profile picture so that it now contains the hashtag “Count on Chloe”, showing his endorsement for the second-year psychology student.

Nelson changed his Facebook display picture to endorse Chloe’s campaign. Credit: Facebook

Chloe, a founding member of the university’s Disabled Students Association, was thrilled with the news.

She said: “I wasn’t expecting it at all. Nelson messaged me and my campaign team to offer me advice, which was really lovely of him.”

Chloe is one of two candidates vying for the position of Students’ Union President, with Masters Student Ryan Peteranna also on the ballot.

Ryan ran against Nelson at the March Union elections, but came in third place, around 500 votes behind the eventual winner, Nelson.

Voting opens next Monday, October 14 at 9 a.m. on the Students’ Union website.

Ryan Peteranna said: “He’s got as much right to his point of view as any other Stirling student.

“Chloe‘s going to run her campaign and I will run my campaign.”

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