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Travelling Gallery visits Pathfoot

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On the 8th of November, the Artina Bus arrived at Stirling University in collaboration with Scottish poet, artist and hiking enthusiast – Alec Finlay.

Alec suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS), a disability which makes it more difficult for him to go on long treks or climb mountain due to fatigue, muscle spasms and other mobility issues. The exhibit contained pieces from multiple artists who live with disabilities including Hannah Devereaux and Ken Cockburn. Their experiences were sometimes conveyed through their daily struggles – mainly through poetic lyrics and sketches from the pages in his notebook.

But this struggle wasn’t the main takeaway from this gallery, Alec has been promoting his latest project –Day of Access. It stems from his belief that all people, no matter their disability, should have access to Scotland’s most exhilarating landscapes and overcome their limiting circumstances in experiencing nature. It’s a hopeful and inspiring campaign which utilises hill tracks and four wheel drives to transport groups into the wild mountain trails where they would have otherwise never set foot in.

The Travelling Gallery does an excellent job of packing such a varied exhibit into one small space without making seem cluttered or claustrophobic. The ambient noises of mountainous birds and gentle winds transported to you right into the artist’s perspective and his vision for a society which values accessibility for all.

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