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Management slammed as Cottrell occupation ends

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Students occupying the C-block of the Cottrell building have ended their protest.

The protest lasted for two weeks after the building was occupied on the night of Tuesday November 26.

A statement from the University of Stirling Solidarity Network (USSN), the group responsible for the protest, said that they were ending the occupation as they felt that continuing the protest would do little to further their campaign.

The group slammed university management over their lack of cooperation with the occupation and the issues that were raised by the protest, including mental health services and rent prices.

“Despite our cooperation, the university management have refused to engage in further discussions surrounding our demands. In doing this they are refusing to discuss the working conditions and welfare of education workers on campus. They are refusing to discuss the mental health crisis rippling through our accommodation blocks. They are refusing to discuss the extortionate rents forcing students into poverty and debt.”

The group were previously issued a notice that their actions were put forward for a level two discipline action over barricaded fire doors, and the group have slammed the action claiming that this level of punishment is too severe, and that it sets a dangerous precedent for student protests.

“Instead of engaging with protesting students, the university administration have responded by threatening Level 2 disciplinary action against those involved. This level of disciplinary action being taken against students has the same implications as crimes as bad as sexual assault, theft, and firearms offences.

“This sets a precedent that any meaningful student protest will be met with harsh discipline.”

USSN have said that the occupation of the Cottrell building is the starting point of an attempt to build a wider range of student activism over the issues raised and that they will continue to campaign for their demands to be met.

The group have offered solidarity to the University and College Union, who were on strike for eight days at the end of the semester.

The group occupied the C-block management offices in the Cottrell building to support striking lecturers, demanding that management meet with the lecturer’s union (UCU), and raised student concerns over mental health provisions and rent prices.

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