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Nightline launch date announced

The listening service will be launched on January 23.

A DATE for the launch of a student-run anonymous listening service has been announced.

Stirling Nightline have announced through their social media that the service will be launched on January 23.

They also announced at what times the service would be available, and it will be running from 10pm to 7am from Thursday through till Monday.

The service will be available at these times during the semester.
Nightline is to be an anonymous listening service for students at the university that will be run by other students.

The service is a partnership between postgraduate student Jennifer Littlejohn and the Students’ Union and has been awarded £2000 over the next two years from the Vice Chancellor’s fund.

Littlejohn previously told Brig,

“Student mental health is a topic which is extremely important
to me and the union.

“It’s important that we recognise that some students don’t always have the support network or the community necessary to overcome challenges and enjoy their time at Stirling.

“This is where Nightline comes in – who better will understand and empathise with students than their peers?”

There has been a start up committee working to establish Nightline since July 2019.

Iona Gray, the external coordinator for Nightline said,

“We now have an incredible team of student volunteers, whose identities are all anonymous – apart from our front facing committee members – due to the confidentiality of the service.”

Nightline are hoping to branch out further from a listening service into instant messaging in the future.

A publicity event for the launch is being held in Venue in the students union at 3pm on Thursday for staff and students to find out more about Nightline.


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