Student left in limbo over accommodation confusion

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A student has been left facing uncertainty after failing to have questions answered by the university over accommodation.

A first-year student, who wished not to be named, contacted Brig about his leaving fee and how his questions are yet to be answered.

He said that when he moved out he was contacted about a leaving fee of £293, but other people on the same rent payment deal, who were yet to move out of the flat had been charged lesser amounts despite not being fully moved out, leaving their personal belongings and having not handed in their keys.

On top of the charge, the student has had to pay over £100 for storage facilities over the summer in order to return home.

Upon contacting Accommodation Services to ask about the difference in charge, he received a standard reply on two separate occasions and was left feeling as if his questions had remained unanswered after finding himself hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

The student feels his questions about items being left in accommodation are still to be answered.

Accommodation Services state on their website that students should not leave any items in their room if they leave their flat.

He told Brig:

“Its outrageous that a university can do that to its students, like flat out not replying to a student because they know they’ve got something wrong and they’re being pressured on it and the fact they don’t even know themselves how this whole leaving charge works.”

Accommodation came under recent criticism for charging students up to £400 for leaving accommodation early due to the coronavirus outbreak when students were led to believe that they would not be charged in a video message from the Principal.

The Tenant’s Union led an online protest against the charges, which were collected on April 12.

The university has been approached for a comment.

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