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Uni backtracks on decision to restrict campus access

Signs appeared restricting access to campus to residents only.

Feature image credit: The University of Stirling

The University of Stirling has been forced to change its decision on stopping access to the campus for members of the public. 

This comes after signs appeared around the university campus entrances on Thursday. 

The signs said the university grounds were restricted to the public, and only campus residents could use the grounds for exercise purposes. 

However, local residents raised the concern that the measure to restrict public access to the campus was illegal without approval from Stirling Council. 

The council then confirmed the signs that were put around the university campus were illegal, and they breached the Land Reform Act. 

After local residents raised the concern, Angela Simpson, Stirling’s Council’s access and sustainable travel officer said in an email sent on Thursday morning that this matter will be looked in to and the university signs will be looked at. 

Simpson said: “I have spoken (sic) to the University’s Campus Security and they have confirmed that the grounds and paths are not closed, it remains open to the public.”

“The wording on the signs will be changed to remind users of the Covid-19 regulations.”

“The signs that are in breach of the LRA will be replaced with more appropriate wording as soon as they can.”

A Stirling Council spokesperson said “The grounds and path remain open to the public and we have worked in conjunction with Stirling University to ensure the signs now display the appropriate advice in relation to Covid-19 social distancing Regulations.”

Also, a University spokesperson said: “The campus is open, however in order to protect the health and safety of our campus residents and the general public, anyone using the campus for exercise is asked to respect and adhere to the government’s COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.”

The university campus is open, however as said members of the public should respected social distancing guidelines.

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