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A Simple New Years Resolution: Learn to Celebrate Mondays

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The clock strikes 8:00am and the dreaded sound of your alarm echoes its way into your brain. You begin to feel nauseous upon the realisation that your time off has passed and it is now the beginning of a new week filled with work, work and more work.

That’s right. It’s Monday. Again.

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I get it. After two wonderful days off, to most people it feels like a holiday coming to an end every Sunday evening and we are, once again, forced to face reality. How very anticlimactic. 

I find that happens mostly to those who view their upcoming weeks in terms of work only, though. No one minds Mondays as soon as they’re on vacation. 

On regular days, individuals wake up on Mondays and usually think to themselves: “Great. My assignment is due this week. I should really get working on that”, or “I have a presentation tomorrow. I’m so unprepared!”. 

It’s quite automatic, the mental rehash regarding what’s expecting us at work that week.

Yes, work is indeed a crucial and even constant element in our lives, but we often forget that it isn’t the only one. 

There is so much that can happen at work besides projects, or on your way to work, after work, or even at home. Work doesn’t define our lives, so why should we let it define our days?

Instead of focusing on how much we preferred it when it was still the weekend and hating Mondays for representing the start to what we refer to as “work week”, this day should be celebrated for what it really offers: the idea of a clean slate.

That is why National “Thank God It’s Monday” Day was invented: to bring positivity, and stress the importance of starting the week off right – that is, with your frown turned upside down. 

I know, I know. Don’t roll your eyes at me. It is cliché. But it really works! While it may be hard to do for some, it’s never too late to try and think of Monday optimistically. 

Dorothy Zjawin came up with this special National Day because she wanted everyone to be thankful for the opportunities Monday provides. And I couldn’t agree more. 

Monday is not only the start to what may actually be a lovely work week, but it also symbolises a fresh start. 

Plus, don’t you think it would make you feel infinitely better if you got out of bed on a Monday morning feeling joyful and grateful rather than miserable?

It is therefore important to adjust your mindset, as it is a key determinant in how your days go. If you wake up on a Monday and think to yourself: “I’m going to have a terrible day because it’s Monday” then that is what you will most likely experience. 

Your focus on the negatives rather than the positives sets a tone for the upcoming week. Make sure it is a good one!

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