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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The final season

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

On the last day of the horror that has been 2020 we were given one last gift. The final season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

It was announced earlier in the year that the fourth season would be the last after being cancelled by Netflix – leaving Riverdale the only show in the Archie-verse, with its fifth season coming at the end of January.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been thrilling from the start, with fascinatingly impossible storylines unwound by Sabrina’s ever growing magic.

One aspect has been spectacular throughout: the soundtrack. The selection of late sixties and seventies tracks has been exceptional, and season four is no different, opening with Time of the Season by The Zombies. A phenomenal song paired with the returning sequence of Sabrina switching outfits in her beloved mirror.

The mirror exceeds its purpose from just highlighting Sabrina’s chic wardrobe this season, it becomes a recurring motif.

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Another consistent throughout every season of Sabrina, is the aesthetic of the Spellman house, and Greendale. They are exquisite throughout.

Sabrina’s miniskirts, headbands and turtlenecks remain iconic. The outfits, the soundtrack and the sets scream seventies with a warm, spooky autumnal aesthetic.

The first episode of this season wasn’t particularly exciting. Same narrative, something dark hits Greendale and Sabrina, her friends and the Coven need to fight it. That is the premise of the show but without adding something new it can get overly tired.

You get to see another side to Sabrina this series. Vulnerable, alone Sabrina. No boyfriend, everyone around her coupling up and friends preoccupied. A feeling most of us know. Sabrina is stuck in a rut and somehow, she needs to shake it up.

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Even in her vulnerable state Sabrina is iconic. Particularly single lonely and drunk on gin Sabrina at her aunts’ wedding. With a hilarious yet very cringe worthy speech about love. I feel you Brina.

Episode four like many in the final season has a slow start filled with frustration but finally comes to an action packed, exciting ending. Restoring the natural order within the show. Spoiler: I am talking about Greendale’s favourite bad boy, bad girl, Witch and Warlock couple. Like a star colliding, the explosion of chemistry from the couple is an essential energy to the show.

The unification of the couple leads to a highlight of the season. A Fright Club cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart cover paired with Sabrina and Nick sleeping together for the first time. The scene is a beautiful and exudes passion and intimacy, only fitting for the fiery couple.

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This season really is filled with everything. Crossover between other shows, worlds you wouldn’t fathom from season one and characters dead or departed coming back at intervals throughout. Episode five has an absolutely brilliant twist at the end. The crossover that wouldn’t be your first guess but makes so much sense. So good.

There are serious Glee vibes in episode six, with more than just the Fright Club having a sing and dance. Half the cast get involved. But unlike the actor behind Harvey Kinkle, Ross Lynch who’s band The Driver Era boasted 4.7 million views in 2020, others like Kiernan Shipka fall flat and should probably stick to the acting.

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Just like the chaos that comes from an imbalance of the different worlds in the show, there is a chaos in the narrative from a poor execution of some storylines that are overly complicated. With too much going on, there are aspects that just appear to be an intricate mess.

One thing I have really enjoyed about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina throughout is getting a view of all these other realms and worlds that the show brings a realism to. For example, hell makes sense, which is a strange statement I never thought I’d make.

Sort of like seeing a good book turned into a film and watching it come to life. A film has done the book justice I may add. The season has come far from the first episode celebrating the teenage witch’s 16th birthday to harnessing powers that go beyond space and time.

The finale accurately reflects that. It is every fight throughout all four seasons multiplied. Has Sabrina Spellman finally met her match? Drama, heartache and loss leads to a bittersweet ending. With Sabrina making the sacrifice of all sacrifices.

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