“Anti-trans leaflets” discovered on campus during Freshers Week

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HIDDEN leaflets and stickers, allegedly targeting the transgender community, have been discovered on the University of Stirling’s campus last week, prompting a robust response from Union President, Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez.

In a statement on Facebook, Gonzalez said the actions of those distributing the leaflets and stickers “will not be tolerated and action is already being taken to stop this”.

She has advised all students to “not interact” with anyone seen putting up the offensive material but instead to “take a picture” and take it to a member of the union staff at the Union’s desk or email any pictures to communities.union@stir.ac.uk.

The Union President has stated the Stirling Students’ Union and university campus should be safe spaces and that the Union “want to support those students who are often unsupported in wider society”.

Image: Nela Cadinanos Gonzalez, Stirling Student Union President (Facebook)

Statements have also been issued by VP Communities, Alyson Mackay, and VP Education, Calum Brown, echoing the Union President’s message of condemnation for the leaflets, and support for any affected students.

Last week, Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society (SSHES) also made a post condemning the actions of those distributing the “flyers” and called for a continued need to be “actively against transphobia”.

Image Credit – Stirling Sexual Health & Education Society

Students affected by this can reach out to the following for support and information:

Brig have reached out for further comment from the University and Union, which can be found here.

Featured Image: Harry Williamson

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  1. It’s odd that there is no image of these stickers and leaflets, nor any quotation from them. Did they do more than state facts? A real journalist would have covered this story properly rather than just being a mouthpiece for propaganda.

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