Climate Protestors gather in Stirling city centre to call for climate justice

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In Stirling city centre protestors gathered yesterday to raise awareness and put pressure on the government to do more to tackle the current climate crisis.

Protestors started gathering around 2pm on Port Street to begin speeches and hand out signs.

One of the groups that was present was the ‘Raging Hags’, who take a gendered approach to the climate crisis.

Speaking to the of the co-founders of the Raging Hags, Dr Sandy Winterbottom (former University of Stirling lecturer) and Alexandra Brighton they said that were at the protest to “enlighten as many people (as possible)” and to “spur them into action”.

They also said that “the future is very bleak if we don’t act now”.

When asked why the group took a gendered approach to the climate crisis, they said: “women’s voices have been suppressed by the patriarchy for too long… we have a voice and we’re going to back up the younger generation”.

Image Credit: Finola Clarke

Another group in attendance was Global justice Stirling, speaking to President Ludovico Caminati about the group attending the protest he said: “we believe it’s more important to be in the streets”. The purpose of “being in the streets” was to be “raising awareness in Stirling and mobilising people”.

Attendee of the protest Aileen Gübther said that she was in attendance as there is “no chance the government will do anything… so it is important that the people see that they have the power”.

Gübther also said: “more people need to see climate justice as an important subject”.

Speaking to John Preston who was in attendance with Friends of the Earth and Extiction Rebellion Stirling he said that he was at the protest as he is “deeply concerned” about the state of the environment as we could “see as much as a 7-9 degree global temperature rise”.

Speaking as a member of the older generation at age 50 Preston said he was also in attendance as “if I was 20 years old now, I’d be angry”.

In between the speeches drumming and chanting took place:

Video Credit: Finola Clarke

The days protest was carried out peacefully with police present and many groups uniting to fight for the common cause of tackling the climate crisis.

Featured Image Credit: Rebecca Crockett

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