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Josephine Angelini is a bestselling young adult and fantasy author. In conversation, she talks about her upcoming projects, her struggles as a writer and advice for young artists.

The successful author Josephine Angelini is most known for her trilogy Starcrossed, published ten years ago. Since then she has written many other novels and has started a publishing label Sungrazer with her husband.

Angelini is open about her beginnings in writing. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in theatre, with a focus on the classics. She says “Writing is something that I ran away from for a long time”. She smiles through the memory of one of her sisters gifting her a journal when she was young. “I wrote in it daily and I am writing every day since.” She further explains that it can be daunting to get into an industry that you respect heavily as a reader and fan.

Josephine Angelini also shares her top tips for young writers that are trying to get a book published. “Don’t get discouraged.” She says that upcoming writers often get upset before finishing their book or after they get the first set of feedback notes. She stresses that when someone gives you notes, it shows that they care.

The writer then reflects on her creative journey and the importance of a support system.

“Your job as an artist is to wake up every single day and believe in yourself. The best thing that you can do is to find people that believe in you every day as well.”

Commenting on the difficulties of being a writer Angelini says “You have to accept that you are writing for yourself.” The writer says that sometimes stories can be an enormous success while other silence can follow others. According to Angelini, dealing with the ups and downs of a career can be challenging.

“You just have to get up and do it all again the day after.”

The author explains that she plots thoroughly before she starts to draft a story. “I make sure to know the plot of a story. I know the beginning, the climax and the ending prior to starting the writing process.” Angelini says that this is also a useful tool to avoid writer’s block. “Many writers get writer´s block because they don´t know what comes next.” According to the author, mapping out the plot beforehand can keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

With the launch of her new publishing company Stargazer, Angelini has now entered the world of independent publishing. She explains:

“I have noticed that publishing companies started demanding more and more and offering less and less for other writers. That was the key factor for our decision to publish ourselves.” She laughs about her struggles with social media.

“I never enjoyed Instagram and Twitter, but TikTok is different. You can be as goofy as you want. If people don’t want to watch it, they just click off.”

On a more personal note, Angelini opens up about her career connected to her personal life. “I had cancer,” she starts. The writer explains that she has not been able to write or spend time with her child as much as she used to.

She says: “During that time every day was about staying alive.” After that, she notes, she authored a book about it by making a monster out of the illness. The novel What she found in the woods is now the product of her fight against cancer.

Now Angelini is planning to publish a prequel series on her previous success story. The Starcrossed universe is going to be extended. Scions is going to be the continuation of Daphne and Ajax´s love story. Finally, the books Timeless and Endless will end the initial love story of Helen and Lucas from the original Starcrossed series.

Angelini finishes by stressing her passion for reading. She exclaims: “I am a big reader.” She says that that is another reason for her starting her publishing house.

“I want to tell every writer out there: ´Keep on writing´. We get it. People that read get it. We are all waiting for your story so finish that book!”

The full interview with Josephine Angelini is available on YouTube.

You can find Josephine Angelini on her website and on any other social media platform. Her new release Scions is now available to pre-order as well.

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