The Predator

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Shuffling comes from the tall grass,
As a creature creeps within.
Eyes black and bulging,
Claws sharp like razors
A predator.
It hunts through the night,
Hungry for a morsel of flesh.
Its nose acting as a tracker,
Rapidly snuffling to pick up the scent.
Suddenly, it stops.
Its prey has been located.
Up ahead, curled in a greener patch
A long, slick skinned creature lies.
Thick, juicy
And blissfully unaware.
The monster lurches forward,
Licking its lips in anticipation.
Jaws unhinge, flashing sharp fangs
And in an instant,
Clamp around the unsuspecting victim.
Blood leaks from the pierced skin,
As the poor target squirms,
Twitch, twitch, twitching –
Then it falls still

I find when you walk at night,
You witness nature in its rawest form.
The wild sounds are soothing,
And the moonlight shines low
It is almost a fairy-tale setting.
Then I hear the shuffling in the tall grass.

Fear strikes me cold and numb,
And I begin to shake most violently.
Thoughts race through my mind,
Of a foul beast emerging
Gashing and goring my weak body,
And wolfing down what remains.
I stand still and silent,
In anticipation and acceptance of my fate.
Then it emerges from the darkness.
A hedgehog, and in its mouth
A worm.

Featured Image Credit: rawpixel

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