Glitter and Guitars: Will 2023 See The Return of Glam Rock?

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Glam rock is defined as a music style and movement that celebrates the spectacle of the rock star. When thinking of glam rock, one might conjure an image of Marc Bolan, glam rock’s first real star, or perhaps David Bowie and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Maybe you would think of Sweet, who made men wearing makeup the norm or Slade who made long hair cool again.

In recent years there have been signs of a glam rock revival, with bands such as Greta Van Fleet and The Struts quickly rising to extreme popularity and gaining a loyal fanbase.

Born in the early 70s, a time of economic and political crisis, glam rock provided a type of rebellion for young people against conservative thought. It created a space where the fluidity of gender and sexuality could flow freely with acceptance.

Seeing rock stars performing in androgynous clothing, make-up, platform boots and glitter, of course, allowed young people to feel comfortable expressing themselves without judgement. The music of glam rock could be described as the fun and audacious love child of psychedelic rock and art rock.

Glam rock has been making a comeback with some notable bands emerging as front runners of this new resurgence. This includes Stracrawler, known for their theatrical live shows which mirror that of Alice Cooper; Palaye Royale, who will be embarking on an extensive UK and European tour this year after an extremely successful album release last year; The Struts; and of course, the popular Maneskin.

However, the main influence of the new glam rock movement is Greta Van Fleet. The band sprung to popularity in recent years, having had multiple sold-out tours across America. The band embodies everything that Glam rock is, with androgynous clothing, unique vocals and guitar-heavy songs.

Glam rock was and is so much more than just a type of music. It is a whole movement, in which the fluidity of gender and sexuality is celebrated, all while listening to some great music.

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