Splitting Edges – ‘So Close’ Single Review: A Soulful Yet Gritty Summer Sound.

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Up and coming Indie rock band Splitting Edges have released the sound of the summer with their new single So Good.

The London-based duo is made up of vocalist and guitarist, Lydon Peacock and drummer, Bradley Osbourn.

The two met in college and have since gained a name for themselves in London’s underground gigging circuit.

So Close has a soulful feel, however, mixed with Peacock’s gritty vocals and the technical drumming provided by Osbourn, a more distinctive sound is created compared to the band’s previous releases, which are somewhat reminiscent of Jamie T and King Krule.

so close splitting edges
So Good single cover. / Image Credit: Splitting Edges

So Close sounds like the band have finally found their unique sound.

They lyrics tell a story of seduction, with Peacock saying: “The music I write is all about city life in general, stories and tales of friends, foes, lovers, betrayal, love, lust, luck, drugs, anger, and grief.”

The theme of desire in the lyrics is reflected in the jazz-influenced guitar riffs. The mellow and relaxing tone creates a great song for relaxing on a sunny afternoon.

This track was a collaborative process with the duo being joined by bassist Kobe Heath Ngugi and Lead Guitarists Nathan Cannon. The addition of two instruments makes the track sound fuller than others, resulting in an exciting and loud sound.

so close splitting edges
Image Credit: Splitting Edges

Splitting Edges have listed a range of artists as their inspiration, including Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath, with the band saying that their sound is “defined by our experiences in life – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Having yet to release a full album, there is a lot of promise in Splitting Edges. My prediction is that this band will only become more and more popular.

Featured Image Credit: Splitting Edges

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