Stirling bring the fight to Nottingham

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The Stirling Clansmen took part in a war of attrition in Nottingham, playing under floodlights until late into the night. 

Injuries hit the 18-man Stirling squad early, with players dropping out on the first snap of the ball. This was followed by an ankle injury to QB Ryan Morrow, forcing running back Finlay Ramsay to take the helm at QB for the second half. Ramsay had success running the ball in spite of a pulled groin, completing passes in a throwback to his days as a QB playing 5 a side. 

Nottingham’s offensive and defensive lines would have been experiencing déjà vu as they witnessed the same five players roll out to face them on every snap, showing incredible resilience and passion for the sport on every play.  

The Clansmen ended the game with only 15 fit players, but to describe them as fit would be a gross misrepresentation. The walking wounded may give these men more justice as every player left the field limping but still determined to finish the game. The famed Clansmen spirit was on full display, competing on every snap and giving the Nottingham team a glimpse of what Stirling will bring to their fight for promotion next year. 

The final score of 61-0 does not flatter the squad, but Defensive Coordinator Morgan Stuart-Bailey was pleased with his team, commenting:

“I am continually pleased by the performance of the Stirling defence and the team as a whole in spite of our roster woes and the results. We have many true rookies stepping up to fill key roles on the team whilst still learning the sport and its nuances. These true rookies will be vital for the team’s future success, and it is very rewarding to see them get better week on week. I can’t thank the guys enough for their effort this season!” 

Team MVP was awarded to Finlay Ramsay for his performance as an emergency Quarterback.

Featured Image Credits: John Ryan, Danny Smith

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