Collins in Copenhagen: Is Emily in Paris star moving to Denmark?

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It is no secret that Lily Collins is exceptionally fond of Scandinavia – just look at her Instagram.

Collins and husband Charlie McDowell honeymooned in Norway and Sweden in 2021 and spent the luscious summer of 2022 in Denmark with Noma and Tour de France.    

In January of this year, she was on the cover of Vogue Scandinavia’s digital release which prompted Danish radio show-turned-podcast Curlingklubben [the curling club] to bring up Lily’s fascination with hygge, rugbrød [rye bread], and bicycles.

Lily stated in a crash course on Danish culture with Vogue and Juno Bakery’s Emil Glaser: “I need to know if I’m going to be a local how to order coffee”. Collins followed up with an applaudable attempt to order coffee in Danish (which can only be fully enjoyed by a Dane, I might add.)

In the podcast’s following episodes a secret source was introduced. The game is officially afoot.

A listener contacted the podcast with highly sensitive material. They had met Lily Collins in a bakery while she was in Copenhagen (supposedly during her work with Vogue). The secret source works in the bakery and while serving Lily Collins she apologised for the mess with the luggage – they were in the middle of moving.

Danish tabloids are now picking up on the Collins in Copenhagen obsession. Tabloids confirm that the townhouse in the capital is purchased by Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell, but whether it is for permanent residence is unknown. The couple has not responded to this.

But here is the pièce de résistance: Harper’s Bazaar published an in-depth interview with Collins on March 1. Collins speaks of how she and her husband are still trying to figure out a harmonious balance between work and private life, and someday start a family. Their residence is in Los Angeles at the moment.

“The key thing is finding out what makes sense for us, especially in terms of travel, whether that’s living in the States or somewhere else.”

But Scandinavia is the place they are most drawn to, as Collins adds that Denmark is a place she could see herself and McDowell creating “roots of [their] own.”

The case is now solved. All that is left to do is wait and see if the rumours are true.

And on behalf of all of Denmark: Lily Collins is most welcome.

Featured Image Credit: Vogue Scandinavia

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