NATI. kicks off first UK tour in Stirling with incredible set

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With sparkly docs and a guitar, Fife-based singer-songwriter, Nati, took to the stage Wednesday evening at Stirling’s Tolbooth, blowing everyone away with Scottish banter and a smashing show.

Accompanied by her bass player and drummer, Ben and Kieran, and the mysterious ‘Stephen’ (the shy tour manager who wanted to remain anonymous on stage), Nati delivered a set filled with emotions: songs to cry to, songs to get sexy to, and songs so loud that the wee highland coo – the tour mascot – fell off the drum set.

Nati introducing the highland coo to the crowd. Image credit: Ciara Tait

Nati found fame on TikTok during the Covid-19 lockdown. She went by the name Nati Dreddd, and captured everybody with her voice and stereotypical, but authentic, Scottishness. She then quit her nine-to-five job to finally pursue music.

It is clear that Nati is nervous and excited during the first few songs. Understandably so; this is her first UK tour, her first stop, and first EP.

By the second song of the set, Older, in between the lyrics, Nati astounded says: “folks are singing along.” Her reaction is genuine, and the crowd is just as excited as she is.

Nati’s music is uplifting and uniquely her own with enough rock to keep you moving, enough folk to make you feel, and vocals that make you a tad bit jealous. The lyrics roll right off her tongue in Scottish fashion and it is easy to see why the Americans, in particular, have fallen in love with Nati’s voice. And to top it all off, she sings in Gaelic too.

Nati and bass-player, Ben. Image credit: Ciara Tait

The confidence builds throughout the night, and Nati fills out the entire room with her voice and person. She’s promised great tunes and banter – and she delivers!

“Did you hear about David Cameron?” she asks jokingly, “Yeah, he’s a prick.”

Then a toast to the audience but with the reassurance to everyone that she is only having water, before she in all seriousness reveals how vulnerable she is without her guitar. And then, another song finds its way to all corners of the room.

It is not Tolbooth’s small venue space that creates the intimacy of the night. It is not the fact that everyone is standing right in front of Nati and the stage either. The gig is intimate because Nati is thankful to be on the stage and because the connection with the crowd is real. It is like she is doing the same kind of crowd work as a comedian, but at no one’s expense.

The teasing, joking, vulnerability, and genuine stage presence is a testament to Nati’s talent. She belongs on a stage!

Halfway through the set, Nati dropped the guitar and sang directly to the crowd. Image credit: Ciara Tait

At the merch stand after the show, Nati is happy to meet and chat with everyone. Several people are already on their way to becoming regular fans, with one fan bringing Nati cake after her shows – this time it was banana bread.

Nati explains to Brig, “The first show of the tour is always the scariest thing.”

“But I got such a good crowd, because yous were engaged, but listened, you sang along and giggled, which encouraged me to be stupider.”

Now ready for the rest of the tour across the country, Nati can rest assured that the first show was a success.

The final show in Scotland will be in Edinburgh, on December 10.

Featured Image Credit: Ciara Tait

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