Havn: Danish pastry heaven in Bridge of Allan

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Havn is the Danish noun for harbour. However, in the context of a Danish-inspired bakery, it makes
more sense that it is the last part of the compound Køben-havn (i.e. Copenhagen). But that’s enough
linguistics for now.

Denmark is an excellent place for pastries and bread. But if your budget does not stretch to a trip to
Copenhagen, why not make a visit to Havn Bakery on Henderson Street in Bridge of Allan?

Classic bakes like tebirkes – almond-filled pastry with poppy seeds (birkes), kanelsnurre/snegl
(cinnamon bun/roll), spandauer (pastry with a custard filling) and hindbærsnitter (buttery cookies
sandwiched together with raspberry jam) are all on the menu.

Perhaps you are already familiar with Danish pastries, often referred to simply as a Danish (in
Denmark, they are named after Vienna). Havn offers its modern take on the pastries known and
loved around the world. You will also find interesting flavour combinations in cakes, such as tahini
blondies and lemon lavender cookies.

The menu changes weekly and there are often both vegan and gluten free options. The best way to
stay updated is through Havn Bakery’s Instagram. Or if you love surprises, just pop in.

Havn is not just a pastry heaven. Naturally, you can get hot beverages, but recently they added
reusable bread bags and tote bags with their aesthetic blue flowers and logo.

The bakery is warm and inviting with an open concept workspace that allows you to sneak a look at
the baked goods that are freshly prepared from Thursday to Sunday.

On the walls, you’ll find a city map of Copenhagen (it’s almost like being there in real life) and a beautiful mural. If you have ever wondered what the concept of hygge looks like as a place, this is it.

Feature image credit: Havn

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