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Creative Corner: Glasgow Rose

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My precious Glasgow rose. For the past two years, I have worn you every day, and now you’re sitting in front of me. Visions of my past and love flash with glossy eyes. I write directly to tell the tales of my beloved Papa that are engraved into this bracelet. My Papa’s passion has always been jewellery, Elvis Presley, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Whenever we converse, he tells me all his stories of working in the famous Paddy’s Market, also known as the Brigget. The market was a place filled with my childhood memories. The only times I have ever taken it off is when you make it shine again, which has happened to be in my darkest times. We have used these times together to dance and sing our way back through time. The bracelet is round, solid, and silver, and the only way to unlock it would be from the clasp with the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh “Glasgow rose” on it. Whenever I unclasp it, it takes me back to when it found its way to me. I was never a big fan of wearing jewellery, and then I saw how you sparkled when you spoke about it. The day you gave me this, we were looking at the painting I made you as a child in primary school, a Mackintosh piece of this same rose. We have always had a place in our hearts for the “Glasgow rose” because we are both so proud of our heritage. Deep down I think you could secretly even be him reincarnated. Not only because your name is also Charles but because of how much love you put into your pieces and because you are a true artist. If I took a scope through the past, this was worn by a young, beautiful woman who was Charles’s biggest fan. Then, like now, she was his biggest fan, with an accent so Scottish no one know would ever be able to understand. A passionate pair attempting to show the world the beauty that art contains. If this gorgeous piece of the past spoke its truths about me, it would say: “You and your papa appreciate every beauty in this life, and he’ll continue to always be proud of you.” This bracelet has been there for the dark times that my Papa hasn’t been able to be there for, and even though his memory is fading, this will continue to keep ours shining.

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