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Voting opens for hotly contested Union Elections

Voting will run from 9am March 13 and end at 6.15pm tomorrow.

Photo: Stirling Students’ Union

Voting has opened for this year’s Union Election, in what looks set to be a very hotly contested election.

Voting opened at 9am, and will close tomorrow evening at 6.15pm, with results expected 7pm to 8pm. You can vote via the Students’ Union website.

Two candidates, Searlas Mac Thoirdealbhaigh and Astrid Smallenbroek, are running for the top position of Union President. Both have proved themselves capable in the election campaign.

After the withdrawal of Scott MacKay early in the campaign, three candidates for VP Communities remain: Alasdair Ibbotson, Jamie Grant and James Fitzsimons.

A two horse race is underway for VP Education, with incumbent Matt Adie seeking re-election over Arts & Humanities faculty officer Natalie Smith.

Finally, the race for Sports President looks set to be a close contest. Jess Morris is stepping aside after the maximum two years in office, and either Craig Bathgate, Rebecca Blair, Alex Duke or Lindsay MacDonald will take his place.

Last year, election turnout was at 18.5%, which was a slight increase on the previous year.

You can view all of the coverage of the campaign on Brig‘s ‘Elections 2017’ tab. On election night, Brig will bring you the latest results, announcements, events.

There will also be live tweeting and streaming on the Brig Facebook and Twitter.

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