Credit: Stuart Graham

Rebecca Blair withdraws from re-election bid

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Credit: Stuart Graham

by Sam Ormiston

Sports Union President Rebecca Blair has withdrawn from the 2018 Union elections.

Following last month’s announcement that she was going to re-run for the Sports Union presidency, Blair has now decided to withdraw because she believes it is better for her personal development.

In a Facebook status posted yesterday, Blair said she has “had the time of my life” holding the position for the past year, but has “made the decision to not re-run in this year’s election due to other opportunities made available to me.”

These opportunities remain unspecified, but Blair standing aside means there are now only two candidates running for the post: Cricket Club president and Sports Executive committee member Caitlin Ormiston and Netball president Ellie West.

This time around, Blair’s manifesto pledged that she would seek a corporate sponsor for the Sports Union to increase funding for all sports clubs, as well as addressing the issue of mental-health in sport.

During her presidency, Blair has put many students through First Aid training courses, as well as working hard to secure a new kit tender, which will ensure that all clubs play under the same brand.

Blair is not finished yet, though. She concluded: “Still gonna be kickin’ about till June so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!”

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