University of Stirling abolishes graduation fees

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University of Stirling students rejoiced on Thursday February 21, following the announcement that they will no longer have to pay to graduate.

The joint announcement was made Thursday afternoon by the University of Stirling and Stirling Student’s Union.

The University’s Deputy Secretary, Joanna Morrow said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to providing an exceptional graduation experience, we are pleased to confirm students will not be charged fees to attend graduation ceremonies.”

After a lengthy campaign, which involved all four sabbatical officers, students and union staff alike are thrilled at the news.

Jamie Harris, who is doing a Masters Degree in Strategic Public Relations and Communications Management, has already graduated last year and is feeling relieved that this year will not be as expensive.

He said: “It is a relief to know that the fees are being abolished for when I graduate from my Masters. It takes off some financial strain as I look for a job and the bank balance is low. “

In the past, all students have been charged a £50 administration fee just to attend the graduation ceremony. This does not include the personal cost of hiring robes.

This more than likely will have deterred a number of people from attending graduation ceremonies in the past, as the university did not charge those graduating if they did not attend the ceremony.

Graduation should be a celebration for all who have worked hard to earn their degree, not just those who can afford it. It is great to see that the University of Stirling has finally heard the student voice, and scrapped the charges.

VP Communities Jamie Grant was thrilled at the announcement. He said:

“I am really pleased that Student Unions across the country are working with NUS Scotland and Universities to abolish graduation fees. The momentum is growing, and today’s announcement shows what happens when the student movement works together.’

And Sports President Caitlin Ormiston echoed her colleagues statement. She said:

“It’s a massive win for students here at Stirling. We at the student union, could not be happier to have played a part in the decision! This will now make attending graduation ceremonies much more accessible for all students! It’s incredible that the university are really listening to the student voice.”

Being a university student is still expensive. However, there is now one less cost that we need to worry about.

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