Lisbon: a vegan haven?

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Long associated with traditional dishes such as Bacalhau (Codfish) and Pastéis de Nata (custard tarts), Portugal’s capital might not be the first place one would think to be a vegan-friendly destination.

However, you don’t have to look hard to find a plethora of delicious options. From tapas style dishes, Indian influenced meals or full-on buffets, Lisbon has something for every plant-based food lover and their friends.

#5 Kong

Playfully decorated with Gorilla sculptures, rhino heads and giraffe ornaments, Kong specialises in turning dishes that are traditionally meat-based into a vegan friendly alternative.

Try out their “fish and chips” or their Seitan steak with mushroom sauce for a cruelty-free beloved classic.


Credit: NiT

#4 Planeto Bio

Close to the Botanical Gardens, Planeto Bio is the ideal place to grab something quick. Although it doesn’t look like much, the simplicity of the food really sells this place and is reasonably priced. If you like the look of a few things on the menu, don’t be scared to ask for a mix-and-match, and combine different plates.

This isn’t somewhere you’d go for a romantic dinner, but if you’re looking for a no-fuss bite then head over here.


Credit: Happy Cow

#3 Jardim dos Sentidos

Just up the road from Planeto Bio, Jardim dos Sentidos is a Tardis-like restaurant that lets you try authentic Portuguese dishes that are all 100% vegetarian, with numerous vegan options to boast.

The buffet style means that customers are able to sample numerous dishes all in one go. It’s difficult not to find something that you will love here. So fill up your plates and enjoy!



#2 Veganapati

This restaurant’s name couldn’t make it any clearer. Vegan food with an Indian twist, this place is located only a short walk from Lisbon’s famous Elevador de Santa Justa or the Praço de Comércio, so if you’re looking for a place to fuel up between sight seeing, Veganapati provides the perfect option.

Their modern interior and gorgeously presented dishes are just two reasons why this is the perfect place to get a plant-based platter to sink your teeth into, whilst getting a few pictures to make your friends jealous!

Mouth-watering burgers guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied, the menu perfectly blends Portuguese and Indian elements to create a tantalising meal.


Credit: Veganapati

#1 The Food Temple

Number one on this list is tucked away from the main bustle of Lisbon. It will have you doubting your Google maps as you take a few back-alleys to get there; but hold on, this treasure is worth searching for.

With a constantly changing menu, the waiters at this quaint restaurant recommend that you share the three tapas options and a main between two. Whilst your full stomach may protest, seconds are always an option and given how good the food is here.

The homely environment is created thanks to the restaurant being housed in the bottom floor of what seems to be a converted villa. Mismatched furniture and a view right into the kitchen only add to the charm. If you’re claustrophobic, there’s an option to sit on the steps outside with a view beneath the stars.

It’s a wonder how they create such amazing meals in what seems to be a such a cramped environment, but employees work seamlessly together to provide incredible service and magical dishes that your taste buds will never forget.

I’d strongly recommend getting there early or booking first, as this place fills up quick!


Credit: Happy Cow

If you haven’t considered heading to Lisbon before, now is the time. The amount of vegan options ensures that everyone is able to enjoy the fantastic food that the city has to offer.

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