Chloe Whyte elected Union President: “I can bring a new perspective”

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Second-year student Chloe Whyte has won the race for Union President with a majority of 98 votes.

Following her 399-301 victory, Chloe said: “I am speechless. I really wasn’t sure how it would swing in the end.

“Mental well-being and accessibility are the top priorities. Campus Central is happening now and we can achieve small things now,  so that’s what I want to zone in on.

“I want to settle in with my team, I don’t want to take over anyone’s portfolio because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

“I am going to bring a new perspective to the team.”

Following the results, the trade unionist chant of “Solidarity Forever” was started by several onlookers but was quickly shut down by officials.

Chloe stood proudly with her LGBT flag next to her friend and newly elected NUS delegate Daniel Deery, who held a red flag which displayed the slogan: “Red Stirling – an injury to one is an injury to all.”

Red flags are symbolic of socialism and left-wing politics.

Is Stirling turning red? New Union President Chloe Whyte poses with her campaign team, proudly holding their flag. Credit: Sam Ormiston

Chloe’s campaign manager, housing officer Cian Ireland said: “We’ve put in so much hard work with door knocking. We’ve done everything we can to make sure she wins.

“She knows how bad university can be. She’s seen what’s wrong and that will give her a good foundation on which to build on.

“She has so much experience that will hopefully translate to being a fantastic president.”

Ryan Peteranna has now lost his third Union President election in a row.

He has congratulated Chloe, saying that he has “every confidence” that Chloe will serve Stirling students well.

In the other battles, Jamie McDiarmid was elected non-traditional students officer by 365 votes to Altair Seel’s 303.

And VP Communities Joshua Muirhead came out on top in the NUS delegates race, ahead of Lily Climie, Daniel Deery and Hope Murray.

Featured image credit: Sam Ormiston

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