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Suspended students threaten to sue University

Their lawyer has written to the university appealing the outcome of their discipline.

Members of the group of 13 suspended students have threatened to sue the university.

Eliot Wooding-Sherwin, Cian Lloyd Ireland and Daniel McPadden, three of the suspended group, contacted a Glasgow-based solicitor, Daniel Donaldson of Legal Spark Solicitors in Glasgow, for legal advice.

Donaldson wrote to the university appealing the disciplinary decision and threatened to sue the University of Stirling.

In a statement posted on the Suspended Students of Stirling page Donaldson slammed the university’s decision to suspend the 13 students and voiced his concerns about the whole situation.

He also questioned the university’s reasoning for the suspensions, describing them of being “draconian” and accused the university of violating the students’ human rights and the Equality Act 2010.

“The University has not acted reasonably; it is likely that the University has behaved unlawfully and has applied draconian sanctions in victimisation – in pure retaliation for the protest – not because of any health and safety reason.

“Sanctioning the students is grossly disproportionate; it is a breach of human rights law.”

Donaldson believes that the university did not protect the beliefs of the individuals and that they are in violation of the Equality Act as one of the protest’s focus was mental health.

“Unlawful discrimination is prohibited by the Equality Act 2010.

“There is no evidence that the University protected the students’ philosophical beliefs regarding solidarity and trade unionism.

“It also appears the University discriminated in disability by association; namely that the students were protesting campus mental health.

“The University should be mindful that the legal bill from any court action will be substantial, and could affect the financial viability of the University”

A University spokesperson said: “While the disciplinary process is ongoing, the University will not speculate on the outcome.”

The university stated that the reasons behind the students being suspended was a breach of Health and Safety after the occupation members barricaded fire doors, disrupted the running of the university and made it difficult for staff to retrieve personal belongings from offices in the occupied building.

The students have disputed these claims and will be appealing the result of the discipline.

Featured Image: Lauren Harper

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