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Local MP signs Nuclear Weapons pledge

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Alyn Smith, the SNP MP for Stirling, has signed a parliamentary pledge to support the UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

The pledge supports the UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons as well as pledging to work for the ratification of the treaty in respective countries.

Smith signed the pledge during a meeting with the Stirling campaign for nuclear disarmament group to talk about how he can support their work.

Commenting on the signing of the pledge Smith said: “Stirling CND have done a lot of work, protesting Trident nuclear weapons travelling through peaceful Stirling towns and villages, as well as lobbying elected representatives. I have long since held the view that nuclear weapons are a gargantuan waste of taxpayers’ money, which could be spent on much more effective ways of benefiting our society.

Far from making us safer, there is evidence to suggest that countries with nuclear weapons are actually more at risk than those without.”

Describing nuclear weapons as “barbaric,” Smith added that “their indiscriminate nature makes them contrary to international law. Local communities across the Stirling area are sick of the sight of these highly dangerous warheads passing through in military convoys.

That’s why I was grateful to have met with the local CND, commend them for their work, and sign the ICAN pledge.”

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