Record store owner warns local business after break-in

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Stirling town centre main-stay Europa Music was broken into this week as non essential businesses lay empty during the current pandemic.

Ewen Duncan, 60, the owner of the property was called out by police on Tuesday after it was spotted the door had been smashed on the now empty streets.

Police Scotland confirmed two men aged 28 and 34 have been arrested and a report sent to the Procurator Fiscal after pictures of the offenders were circulated on social media.

Mr Duncan, who has ran the store for over 20 years, begged other shopkeepers to make sure that they are fully insured and their security is as tight as it can be.

“We thought we were well secured” he said, “until somebody proved us wrong”

“Please make sure that you are well covered insurance wise and well locked up. Make sure anything small and nickable and easily taken away is locked away”

The thieves surprisingly never stole any of the vinyl but instead made a bee-line for the small items just in from the front door, and also had a go at the till, breaking the drawer in the process of trying to prise it open.

The one item that cannot be replaced is the one that rankles with Mr Duncan the most.

An original part of the shop is now gone, “The door is 100 year old glass, half an inch thick.

“The glass that’s going to be replacing it wont be replaced for months probably”

Apart from the excess to be paid for the insurance he says, he himself is “feeling vulnerable” after the attack on his livelihood, but that the messages of support through social media and the helping to track the culprits down has lifted his spirits.

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