Uni brings suspensions of Stirling students to an early end

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Six weeks into the suspension some of the Stirling student’s suspension have come to an end early.

The University of Stirling decided to bring the students suspension to a conclusion earlier than planned due to the current COVID-19 crisis. 

The student’s suspension started in February and originally was supposed to last for eight weeks, however the university has chosen to end them early for most of the students apart from three of them, whose suspensions are still in place pending discipline meetings.

The students were suspended for taking occupation of a university building late last year and the blocking of a fire exit.

One of the students was Daniel Deery he said: “Whilst it’s good that most of us have been allowed to return to our studies the fact it took six months to summarily dismiss our appeal is a disgrace.

“The university refused to factor in the evidence that we brought. The six weeks of suspension based on the completely untrue claim we represented a threat to members of our university community has led to massive impacts on our studies and mental health with the complete lack of communication from the university for weeks on end causing massive stress and worry for many of us.”

Deery added: “Additionally three students remain suspended pending a further disciplinary the fact it took the university almost two months to schedule those disciplinaries shows a complete lack of care for their academics and mental health.

“Thankfully we’ve had great support from Lynn in the student union and our lecturers, but the university has clearly not factored in our mental well-being in their attempt to make an example of us and silence students who speak out against their practices.”

A university spokesperson said: “The University cannot comment on the specifics of individual cases.”

Three of the students are still currently waiting on their decisions of their disciplinary.

Feature image credit: Suspended students of Stirling

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