Stirling University’s online Fitness programme goes International

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The University of Stirling Sport team goes global as their online fitness classes see world‑wide success. 

Under normal circumstances, the University’s Sport team would be able to hold their everyday gym sessions in the Sport Centre, but the global health crisis interfered.

The pandemic has prompted the start of new online workouts, which offer over 20 free weekly virtual classes as well as daily social media workouts for people of all skills and abilities. 

Over the last eight weeks, over 4,000 participants have taken part in these virtual workouts from over 50 different countries.

Some of the more out-there destinations include New Zealand, United States of America and even Japan.

This new virtual fitness phenomenon comes as a part of the university’s ‘Be Connected’ initiative, which aims to keep students connected during the ongoing health crisis.

“Our philosophy at the University of Stirling is to ‘make it happen’ and never before has sport or physical activity been more important in our daily lives,” comments Cathy Gallagher, University of Stirling’s Executive Director of Sport. 

When asked about the Sport team’s contribution, Gallagher says: “the engagement levels in our wide range of classes are a well-earned reflection of the effort, expertise and commitment that have gone into the creation of the new service.”

She admits that even though “the situation in the sport, health and wellbeing arena is always evolving and, although there are obvious challenges just now, there are also opportunities to diversify, enhance our services and maximise our impact on the student experience and the health and wellbeing of the University community.  

At the UK Sports University of the Year 2020, we are embracing this opportunity.”

The all-popular sessions can be joined live, or if you’re late to the party you can access all previous sessions from

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