Twitter plays Pokémon – You can now play Pokémon Crystal Version over Twitter

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Have you ever wanted to battle Team Rocket while debating Molly-Mae’s views on Britain as a meritocracy? Well, say no more.

A Twitter user has written a script that allows their followers to play the popular Game Boy RPG through their social media profile

Followers of the account @screenshakes can reply to their pinned tweet with things such as ‘left,’ ‘right’ or ‘A’ and ‘B’ to command the Pokémon trainer in real-time, and track the progress of the game through the account’s profile picture.

@screenshakes posted the tweet yesterday and has since amassed over seven thousand likes and two thousand retweets.

The profile picture of the account refreshes once every fifteen seconds and does the most recent action from the replies of the tweet.

Fans of the JRPG have tweeted in droves to steer the Pokemon trainer in the right direction in a bid to ‘catch ‘em all.’

But, can Pokemon Crystal be beaten by random Twitter users?

Well so far it looks daunting as the tweet has been up for 8 hours and they haven’t yet conquered the first route in the game, although they did settle on the fire-type starter Pokémon – Cyndaquil.

Determined to collect all eight badges and finish the game, users have now set up a discord server to coordinate the players’ actions, which is approaching one thousand members. 

It will be interesting to see if the Twitter gamers can triumph over the Game Boy classic and Pokémon fans will be sure to keep an eye on the account for developments.

Are you playing Pokémon Crystal over Twitter? Let us know in the comments or otherwise!

Feature Image Credit: Graham Fleming

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