SUDS turn from stage to screen in comedy week coup

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The Stirling University Drama Society (SUDS) have completed the first week of their new project, SUDS on Screen.

For the SUDS, the first semester is generally used to prepare and perform a play at the MacRobert Arts Centre. In February of this year, the society performed The Picture of Dorian Gray. Last year they performed A View from the Bridge. Both were extremely well received.

Now, the prospect of a new live show has been impeded. The COVID-19 guidelines and University of Stirling have made it clear that a live show is not possible. But the SUDS made other plans: “we aren’t about to let that hinder anyone’s SUDS experience this year!

“The SoS team has been working hard to concoct a brand new project to replace the October show we usually put on, and here we are!” the society wrote on their Facebook page. “The aim of SUDS on Screen is to bring theatre to the web and make it accessible to all, wherever and whoever you are”.

Claude Edwards, the marketing officer for SUDS, said, “a couple of our committee members wanted to take our yearly show, Scenes by SUDS – which is made up of extracts from film, T.V., theatre and of course original pieces – and do something a bit different with it. The idea was to separate the self-written ideas and the extracts from various media and show them in two different venues, almost like a mini Stirling fringe show”.

The project has been highly popular with both members of the SUDS and audiences. Their first week of four, comedy week, has been a resounding success. All five of their comedic, highly anticipated shorts have now been released.

Silly Job Interview

Comedy week got off to an amazing start with Silly Job Interview. This is a modern-day reimagining of the classic Monty Python sketch, directed by Edward McMillan.

It’s a delightfully refreshing take on a very nostalgic T.V. extract. You can watch the performance above.

What’s My Age Again

Written and directed by Rachel Clinton, What’s My Age Again is oddly relatable. Watch two 23-year-old flatmates discuss Taylor Swift, quarter-life crises, and their struggles with growing older.

And that’s about the time she walked away from me
Nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three


I’m ready for my Oscar!

I’m Ready for my Oscar! is an absolutely hilarious short directed by Django Marsh and written by Anna Burns. “Aspiring actress Emma (Maddie Dowell) believes she’s filming the ‘next big thing’ with her co-star Klyle (Axel Annala). Their director (Emanuele Vaudano) doesn’t see that.

“The Assistant Director (Ed Mcmillan) is just doing his best to keep up”.

Self Service

Ever had a fight with a self-service machine? Yeah, me too. Self service, directed by Jack Williamson and written by James McBride, tells the story of two sentient self-checkout machines (Nia Fehlow and Anna Mendelssohn) and their strange boss Dave (Axel Annala).

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not quite as simple as you might expect.

Mime Time

The SUDS certainly didn’t leave the least until last. The most bizarre and abstract piece on this list, Mime Time, follows a man on his way to work (Django Marsh) who is stopped by an annoying mime (Franco Nazareno).

The next theme on the SUDS’ agenda is Tragedy! Keep an eye out on the their YouTube channel for five more original performances next week!

Featured image credit: Stirling University Drama Society (SUDS)

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