Stirling art societies reveal 2022 projects

The presidents of our Stirling societies discuss their upcoming art displays, dress-up contests and writing anthologies.

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It is hard to express the work which has been put into reorganising and restructuring the University of Stirling’s art societies since the first lockdown of 2020. Now free to meet their members in person, existing societies are jumping on the chance to showcase the work of their members. Meanwhile, new clubs are appearing and quickly developing momentum.

After the last couple of years many individuals have formed new – or strengthened their ongoing – relationships with artistic expression. It has allowed many to share their lives and their losses with others throughout a very difficult period of time. Brig would like to celebrate our societies’ ongoing commitment to their members’ happiness and expression.

Here are what our Stirling art committees have planned for the semester.

Art Club

“The University of Stirling Art Club offers an opportunity for students to work on creative projects during their studies. There is a variety of different materials that can be used during the sessions on Tuesdays.

“We are accepting of all levels of artist with absolutely no judgement. You don’t have to be an artist to join! It is a valuable place to meet other likeminded people.

“Every week, we introduce a theme and/or activity to inspire the members. However, no one is required to make art based on the theme and are free to work on their personal projects.

“Every year we plan on holding an art display allowing students to show their peers their artistic work.”

Thuraya Al Mahadin
President of the Art Club

Image Credit: Instagram (uniofstirlingartclub)
Image Credit: Canva

Book Club

“Our book club is one of the newest societies the University of Stirling has to offer. We are extremely excited to finally start this semester, after all the effort we put in building it.

“We have planned a variety of activities and events for all booklovers, from reading sessions to ‘a dress-up as your favourite book character’ contest. Our core ambition this semester is for our members to meet others who share the same passion for books, while engaging in fun activities.

“Moreover, we want to provide a safe place for everyone and make them feel included.

“Since we know that many people want to be part of this society, we decided to split the society into smaller groups according to their preferred book genre.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone to our society!”

Hermínia Leite Seguro
President of the Book Club

Creative Writing Society

“As a society, Creative Writing has always strived to celebrate our members and their writing as well as providing a safe, comfortable place to meet new people and form connections.

“Like many people over the last two years, these aims have been difficult to achieve with many of us feeling isolated, alone, and uninspired. This semester, as we reach a state close to normality, the

“Creative Writing Society hopes we will be able to achieve our core goal, providing a space for writers to develop and share their talents and to build new relationships.

“We hope to publish our first physical anthology since 2019 to showcase our members’ work.”

Helena Barton
President of the Creative Writing Society

Image Credit: Canva

Featured Image Credit: Canva

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