Police urge caution over scammers targetting Chinese students

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Chinese students are being targetted by scammers that have police and the university urging students to take caution.

The scams involve victims being alerted to a parcel arriving or been stopped at customs. They are advised to receive the parcel they must pay money. In other cases, people are advised the parcel’s contents are illegal and that they will be reported to authorities unless money is paid.

Police Scotland are asking all students, but in particular Chinese students. To alter the authorities if they have been targeted by this scam “regardless of whether they’ve lost money as a result, or not.”

The police also advise students to never give out any personal details to uninvited phone calls, emails and texts. But only ever to someone who has been verified as genuine and trustworthy.

If you think you have been targeted by a scam contact Police Scotland via 101. But further advice can be found on the Police Scotland website.

All this information can be found in the Stirling University student bulletin under ‘Student scam alert’.

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