Featured Image Credit: Jamie Cooke on Flickr
Featured Image Credit: Jamie Cooke on Flickr

Stirling UL in disarray as students face delays and cancellations

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The Uni Link bus service is facing backlash after students have been left struggling to make it home from campus.

McGill’s bus service within the last month have cancelled many of their UL buses, resulting in students having to wait large stretches of time between services. Many of the buses after eventually arriving are unable to accommodate the number of students wanting to board.

McGill’s took over the UL bus in September this year. It is the main transport link for Stirling University students to commute between Stirling and the university campus in Bridge of Allan.

The cancellations have left many students who do not own a car in a difficult position. Students of Stirling shared their experiences with the UL in the past month. One student said: “The sheer amount of money I’ve spent on taxis this semester already because of how unreliable the buses are just puts me off going from campus into town generally now.”

Students have had enough

Another discussed how they usually are “waiting an hour at a time for a bus, and instead of coming at their scheduled times, 3 come at the same time”.

“More or less every driver is really rude…I sat next to someone on the UL who left for the bus at 8am and was late for the 9.30a.m. seminar because of the UL.”

“I was refused entry on the number 54 bus twice…Safe to say they are never on time…Once I was rushing for a doctor’s appointment on campus and the bus was so late, I needed to take a taxi to make it on time. I have the ability to travel by buses for free. Meanwhile I had to pay £10 to get to campus on time.”

Tash Miller the University of Stirling Union President said: “As a fellow bus-user, I understand the frustrations of students regarding the bus services provided by McGill’s.

“I am in contact with a representative from the company and have raised the issues of safety and regularity with them and will continue these discussions at an upcoming meeting.”

McGill’s were contacted twice by Brig to comment on this issue but no response was received.  

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Cooke on Flickr.

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