Lauren Bullock for Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer: “It brings me so much joy watching people just be happy and thrive through sport.”

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Lauren Bullock is a second year student studying sports coaching and development and is running to keep her role as Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer.

Lauren’s passion for this opportunity shines through. Previously in the role, she has worked hard towards making sports societies more inclusive for everyone regardless of gender, age, body image or ability.

She discusses her previous experience in the role: “I have had a good first year in the sports union, finding out a deeper meaning to the union and what goes on to keep our clubs together.

“My job isn’t over yet this year, as I have some women in sports campaigns to come, however the first half was focusing on the intake in refreshers and then getting the ball rolling with the disability inclusion.”

One of Lauren’s key aims in her manifesto was opening sports societies up to be more inclusive of students with disabilities. This is something she has already begun working towards:

“We hosted Boccia for the first time and got a mix of students to come along and join in. Mixing both mainstream and disability gave a real good feel moment of everyone having their place. We have also opened up more of our clubs such as wheelchair basketball which was so fun.”

Second year sports coaching and development student is hoping to be re-elected for the role. Image Credit: Lauren Bullock

Lauren continues to want to make a difference in her position and has the experience to do so. When asked why she was running for the role again she replied:

“I had the experience of this role in my past job where I was working in a primary school as a Sports Coordinator. Basically, bringing sports to the school and getting the children involved. So, I feel I can make that change at a higher level.”

Another important aim of Lauren’s is to continue to upbuild women in sports and provide more support to encourage women to get involved.

She wants to make the Uni sports centre feel like a more comfortable environment for everyone. She explains this further saying:

“With women in sport, I feel we have so much room to grow. I want to keep on at the sports centre to provide our female students with a space where they feel comfortable to work out and feel they have the confidence to do so.”

“I also want to promote our women’s team more and try to build the clubs up more. Especially the ones that are deemed ‘male sports’.”

“Also, with the disability side, I would love nothing more than to have a place where disabled students can compete and be proud to be a part of our union. Our gym has quiet hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays which is great to see for people who feel overwhelmed with things in the gym.”

Lauren would like to also encourage mixed genders sports teams:

“I would love to see our men and women coming together more to support each other in their sport! It was great to see so many different clubs together supporting the men’s 1s squad against Dundee United, there was a real sense of belonging. I think events such as varsity can really pull these things together and essentially be proud of Stirling.”

When asked in short, why people should re-elect her for Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer, she said:

“I would love people to vote me back in this year. I give up a lot of my time to achieve these things but it brings me so much joy watching people just be happy and thrive through sport.”

Lauren wants the opportunity to continue working hard on inclusion within the sports union and is extremely dedicated to doing so.

Her full manifesto can be found here.

Voting opens on Tuesday, February 28 at 10am and closes on Thursday, March 2 at 5pm.

Feature Image Credit: Lauren Bullock / University of Stirling

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