Image Credit: Juliette Oliveras
Image Credit: Juliette Oliveras

Juliette Oliveras: “It’s Our Pride To Be A Sports University”

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Second year student Juliette Oliveras is campaigning to be re-elected for the role of Sports Union Communication Officer for her second year. She has high hopes that she will be able to carry on with her projects without Covid-19 getting in the way.

Juliette, who studies Science Management, was elected the role of Sports Communicator last year. In her interview with Brig, she makes it clear that she came into her role full of motivation, passion and new ideas. However, Covid-19 had other plans.

Despite this Juliette still did her best to start the projects she had originally aimed to do as Communication Officer. She discusses some of her social media projects:

“There is the ‘one training with’, which I did with the baseball team but couldn’t keep doing it, I hope I will be able to finish it by the end of the semester. There is the ‘morning sweat’ which I have done with the boxing team and the American football team. There is also the ‘wellness Wednesday’, which is every Wednesday we interview teams about their advice and tips on how to feel better.”

In her manifesto she touches on how she feels the Sports Union social media needs to have more “centrality” when it comes to having set information on all the individual clubs.

“I think there is a real confusion between ‘Sport at Stirling’ and ‘Student Sport Union’, they are completely different. ‘Sports Stirling’ is not part of the student union. It is more private, and you don’t have to be a student.

“When I did my first campaign, even I was confused, I didn’t know what all these social media pages were for. All of the clubs have an Instagram page, but then you get just lost in the amount of information. You have to go to that page and that page you’re just lost. So, this is why I think it would be important for the Sports at Stirling union page to gather all the information and just have this one central page where we can all communicate. If we get lost in the information, we won’t know what is really going on.”

In high hopes that world begins to calm down, Juliette wants to start the projects that she originally had in mind for last year if re-elected. Such as the ‘photo of the week’ campaign or the ‘one training with’. All of these campaigns helping to bring together what we love about sport at Stirling.

“I am a second-year student. Last year during a seminar the teacher asked who here came for sport. Some students raised their hands. After, he then said who’s playing at an international level. The girl sitting next to me raised her hand and explained that she was playing at European level for Badminton. I was so shocked that I wasn’t aware of that.

“She is so good and she came for that and we didn’t know. So, this is where my idea came for ‘the photo of the week’ where we can promote these students. This means other students are seeing these photos and can say to these people; by the way congrats, I have just seen you have done this and it’s so cool.

“It’s our pride to be a sports University, but then we don’t even know who is achieving what in their sport. We should be more-proud of ourselves and this will create a stronger community, if we can support each other.”

“I am super passionate about this role. We just started the Instagram page last year and we already have over 300 followers. We are very active on the page. I do quizzes on our stories and people are always very active on them. I am happy with the page and I believe in us.”

Indeed, Juliette’s passion and commitment to this role still continues to manifest despite it being such a tough year and she is filled with hopefulness for this role next year if re-elected.

Voting opens March 8th at 9am and closes March 9th at 6:15pm. Voting can be done on the Stirling Students Union website.

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