Hurricane Faye hits the Villa: Brig breaks discusses this week’s Love Island

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Week 5 of Love Island had many highs, and many lows – and the past week has been no different. Couples made up, broke up and shook up the whole Villa. But who will be sent home tonight? Consider this is your warning – there are spoilers up ahead!

Talking to anyone but Chloe / Credit: ITV
Another one bites the dust… / Credit: ITV

When we left the Villa last week, our islanders were dealing with the havoc left by Casa Amor: Millie and Liam had called things off, Tyler and Kaz kept arguing, and Toby… was being his usual self.

In fact, that’s where this week starts, as Toby revealed to the boys that he didn’t want Mary, who he brought back from Casa Amor. He didn’t want Abigail, either – who stayed single for him. No, Toby still had his eyes set on Chloe.

After a fun game of Chinese whispers, where Toby seemed to tell everyone but Chloe herself, he brought cookies and a shitty apology in hopes of winning her over.

And it worked! Chloe forgave him, and somehow… so did the rest of the U.K? I’m not sure how Toby has managed to completely shift public perception, but he went from lothario to the annoying little brother you love. People have even declared them this season’s winners – which I think is a bit of a stretch – but I suppose it depends on if Toby can stay loyal for two more weeks.

Luckily though, Chloe managed to lock him in straight away, as the recoupling came up quick this Tuesday.

Last week’s recoupling / Credit: ITV

In Unseen Bits, Millie humbled Chloe real quick by calling her a mug for taking Toby back. Which is funny, considering it only took about 3 days for her to take Liam back after his Casa Amor antics.

To be fair, he did give a cringe cute speech at this year’s Spotify VIP party. This was a large part of why Millie picked him at the recoupling, though she still laid some ground rules around the intimacy between the two.

I can’t lie, I was kinda gutted she took him back, but I definitely wasn’t surprised. I did say last week that I didn’t quite believe her when she said she was over it. I just wish she dragged it out a little longer – but maybe she was sick of seeing him mope around, just like I was.

What did surprise me, though, was Kaz sticking by Matt at the recoupling. She and Tyler had a few conversations about trying again, constantly speaking about doors being open and closed, that I really thought she might pick him. But no, she chose Matt, meaning Clarisse chose Tyler.

Somehow, despite picking each other, not a single islander was happy. Kaz wanted more affection from Matt, but also more effort from Tyler. Matt wanted 100% from Kaz, instead of her splitting her attention. Tyler wanted to try it with Clarisse, but to keep Kaz to himself too. And Clarisse… I think she just wanted to go home.

Tyler did pull Kaz for a chat on Wednesday – taking her up to the roof terrace where they had their first kiss. Not going to lie, I was stressed it would happen again, but luckily they kept it PG while Tyler told Kaz he was ready to focus on her. Of course, this was perfect timing for Clarisse to walk upstairs and catch them speaking, though Tyler sent her back down to meet him for a chat.

Clarisse was not having it – she knew Tyler had been playing her and Kaz off against each other, leading them both on while not committing to either. And, I have to say, I think she’s right. You can’t kiss and hug one girl while begging another for a second chance.

Kaz watched from the sidelines with Faye and Lib, seeing Clarisse get up and leave, while Matt sat down to talk with Tyler. I don’t know why she didn’t step in at this point, but she didn’t.

Pinky promise to mug off your partner?? / Credit: ITV

Tyler was being a real chatty-Cathy, letting Matt know he’s called things off with Clarisse and was commencing Operation Mr Steal Your Girl. Obviously, Matt was fuming, not necessarily because Kaz and Tyler were trying again, but because Kaz had completely disregarded Matt and his feelings.

As Lib says, you should always back your girls, and I’ve loved Kaz from the start. But even I can admit she was out of pocket this time, basically doing what Toby did to her, to Matt. The second she realised she still had something going on with Tyler, she should’ve called time on her situation with Matt – or at the very least, kept him in the loop.

In one of the shortest, and most brutal, Love Island break-ups, Matt ended it with Kaz, telling her “Yeah, we’re done”, before walking off. So, that was that.

Credit: ITV

As if there wasn’t enough tension in the Villa, of course there would be a dumping. This time, the public had been voting for their favourite couples, and those with the fewest votes were at risk. This left Amy and Hugo, Mary and Sam, and Clarisse and Tyler standing before their fellow islanders.

They had to choose two girls and two boys to go home, agreeing to dump Amy, Hugo, Clarisse and Sam from the Villa. This was great news for Mary and Tyler, who could both continue their relationships with their prospective partners.

Credit: ITV

It was terrible news for Amy, though, who was immediately friendzoned during her and Hugo’s exit interview. See, Hugo asked for a ‘chit-chat-choo’ earlier that day, where they acknowledged they’d grown apart since returning as a couple from Casa Amor. But it wasn’t like they’d ended things – Hugo, while doing some stupid dance, agreed to keep going and hoped they’d work it out.

And here they were, less than 24 hours later, with suitcases in hand and some awkward tension as Hugo called his time in the Villa ‘tragic’ and said he’d continually taken Ls. I’m convinced this man is completely clueless because how are you saying that with your potential girlfriend standing next to you?

But it didn’t end there. Oh boy, Hugo knows how to keep on digging. Last night’s Aftersun aired a conversation the two of them had after leaving, where Amy says she felt she had her time wasted on ‘The Hugo Show’. Later, in an interview with both of them, Hugo says Amy used him as a ‘green card into the Villa’, while she called him terrible with women.

It’s no secret that Hugo has been my least favourite islander this series. I couldn’t deal with his sh*t advice or the way he tosses women aside while whinging that no one picked him. Amy hurled a few more insults his way last night, and it was seriously uncomfortable viewing. I almost felt bad for him, but then I remembered he’s rejected more girls than he’s been rejected by.

Love Island producers thought what better way to commemorate our dumped islanders than to show some clips of their stay, hosting their very own movie night titled Mad Movies.

Of course, none of the clips were going to be nice, instead working to expose our islanders escapades even further. This is obviously to make up for the Tweet Challenge so many people were expecting, which is thought to have been axed from the show for… ruining the islanders’ mental health. Well, I have the feeling Mad Movies is going to have a very short run.

The girls and boys were split into teams and had to rush to answer a question. The team that answers correctly gets to select a clip from the list, then get to sit back and relax before watching their relationships crumble.

Credit: Love Island on YouTube

The girls smashed it, though I don’t think that was a good thing. Some of the highlights they watched were Liam’s three-way kiss with Clarisse and Salma in Casa Amor, Jake admitting he wasn’t sexually attracted to Liberty in Week 2, Teddy saying he’s sexually attracted to Clarisse, and Jake convincing the boys to ditch their partners while in Casa.

Naturally, chaos ensued. Liberty was gutted and sparked a very real conversation about not feeling good enough. Jake tried to offer reassurance, with “tried” being the operative word. He kept repeating: “you’re my girlfriend for a reason, what do you want me to say?”, obviously acknowledging they wouldn’t be together if he wasn’t attracted to her.

I don’t know. This could just be another instance of Jake being clueless and not knowing what to say or do, but I feel like it’s kind of obvious. Lib wanted reassurance that she was beautiful, that Jake cared about her on all levels and that she was deserving of his love and affection. I don’t think he fully offered that, and I worry that, if they were to carry on their relationship outside, this would wear her down in the long run.

While some couples made up… / Credit: ITV
Others fell apart. / Credit: ITV

Teddy tried to offer some reassurance to Faye too, again, tried being the operative word. Unfortunately, Hurricane Faye was already in full force and was ready to tear the whole Villa apart.

She was fuming because she felt Teddy had been withholding everything from Casa – she never knew he found Clarisse attractive, just that they kissed in the game of truth or dare. Teddy was fuming because he felt it didn’t matter – he didn’t pursue her and still came home to Faye. Everyone else was fuming because Faye had been shouting for the whole night.

Dale was the only person who stepped in to diffuse the situation, but even he got an earful. Surprisingly, all the girls were silent, and just sat back and observed. Now, if that was my friend ranting and raving to everyone, the first thing I’d do is pull her aside and try to calm her down. Just saying.

Faye and Teddy went from being favourites to win, to immediately falling from grace. Many people feel like Faye displayed some pretty toxic traits, deeming her not just unfit for Teddy, but for the entire show.

None of her behaviour on Friday night’s episode was okay. She was far too reactive and angry, and it wasn’t fair to Teddy at all. But, with that being said, surely some responsibility must go to the producers?

I said this during Casa Amor, after the girls were sent the postcard that showed Teddy and Clarisse’s kiss, but producers know Faye is the most reactive islander in there.

The second she learns to trust Teddy, they give her another reason to push him away and then capitalise off her misery. It’s clear it’s beginning to wear down Teddy, and the viewers too, as everyone found the other night hard to watch.

Protect him at all costs! / Credit: Love Island on Twitter

There is nothing fun or entertaining about watching someone self-combust and ruin their relationships. Faye was determined to not just end things with Teddy, but all the boys. She told Jake that his clips upset her more than Teddy’s, because she trusted Jake to protect her and want the best for her. Seeing him convince her almost-boyfriend to crack on with someone else has shown that, once again, she can’t trust anyone in the Villa.

It’s clear this hurt and insecurity runs deep in Faye, and has come up time and time again – so at what point do producers stop using it for views, and instead get her the help she needs to have a positive experience in the Villa?

In a conversation last night, Faye and Teddy did decide to call things quits. But this hopefully isn’t the end of the road for them.

In a sneak peek shown on Aftersun, Faye says she regrets the other night and that, if Teddy got dumped from the island, she would leave with him. Hopefully, she just needs to apologise and let Teddy back in –  if he’ll even talk to her. I still have hope for Team Faye and Teddy yet, because this can’t be the end, surely?

Credit: ITV

Luckily, neither of them are leaving the Villa right now, as they both managed to avoid the shock dumping at the Island Club. The public were voting for their favourite islanders, which left Jake, Dale, Tyler, Mary, Kaz, and Abigail with the fewest votes. Once again, it looks like the islanders will choose who to save and who to send home. Tell me, what’s the point in making the public vote if every time you leave it in the islanders’ hands?

Regardless, I’m not sure who will go tonight. It makes the most sense to send Abi home, as she’s the only one of the girls without a romantic connection in the Villa. I feel like they’ll send Mary and Dale home, though. Kaz, Tyler, and Jake are too important to the Villa, so they’ll be saved.

If they send home Mary and Dale, then it allows them to continue getting to know each other on the outside – plus they’re the newest islanders so it’ll be easier to get rid of them. These are just my predictions though, so I very likely could be completely wrong.

Who will go? / Credit: ITV

As for the rest of the week, there’s apparently two new bombshells joining the Villa. Someone on Twitter said they have post-Casa Amor fatigue – and I agree. Please stop sending people in, I’ve had enough!

I suppose we’ll just have to see what they bring to the Villa, and who’s heads they plan on turning…

Check back each Monday for Brig’s breakdown of that week’s drama!

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit : ITV

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