Love Island 2021: Who’s going in and how you can join them

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The long-awaited cast for this series of Love Island has finally been released, and I’m pretty excited to meet our company for this summer.

Laura Whitmore, the presenter of the show, said the applications for this upcoming season are crazy, as so many people apply to look for love. Or the big cash bonus and social media career that comes with it.

Series 7 is said to be the ‘most diverse’ yet, and there has been a collective eye-roll from viewers. When we say diversity, we mean more people of colour, a variety of builds and body shapes, and greater disability representation. Love Island, however, think more diversity comes from including more gyms in their selection pool, or insta-baddies with under 50k followers.

Rumours swirled earlier this year that more diversity meant LGBTQ+ inclusivity, with The Sun reporting that ‘up to 40% of the cast would be bisexual, leading to more drama and some unexpected pairings’. This was debunked in early June, however, by ITV Commissioner Amanda Stravi, who said LGBTQ+ inclusivity would be ‘too logistically difficult’ for the Love Island format. So rest assured: this season will be as hetero-normative as ever!

Now the cast has been confirmed, people are struggling to find the diversity the show bragged to be including. One person on Twitter acknowledged the most diversity they have is by finding the one person under 50 called Sharon – so make of that what you will.

If you’re a seasoned viewer, you know the Love Island intros are always cringe, so to save you the secondhand embarrassment, Brig has summed them up for you. So, meet your new summer romances:

Image Credit: ITV

1. Faye

The basics: Faye is a 24-year-old lettings manager from Devon

Single for: 2 years

Is a self-proclaimed cougar and good girlfriend. We’ll see.

Looking for: “Someone who can rip me a new arse off” – whatever that means.

Find her on Instagram at @faye_winter.

Credit: ITV

2. Toby

The basics: Toby is a 22-year-old semi-pro footballer from Essex

Single for: His whole life

Calls himself a commitment-phobe. I call him a f*ckboy.

Looking for: Laughs. And to meet new girls after a long, long pandemic.

Find him on Instagram at @tobyaromolaran.

Credit: ITV

3. Shannon

The basics: Shannon is a 22-year-old glamour-model-turned-influencer from Fife

Single for: ???

Believes she comes off as ‘a stuck up b*tch’. Her words, not mine.

Looking for: A handsome, lovely guy she can travel with. Aren’t we all, girl.

Find her on Instagram at @shannonsinghhh.

Credit: ITV

4. Hugo

The basics: Hugo is a 24-year-old P.E. teacher from Hampshire

Single for: ???

Has never asked a girl to call him Mr. Hammond in bed. Suppose there’s a first time for everything.

Looking for: Someone to settle down with, but brings a little chaos.

Find him on Instagram at @hugo_hammond_.

Credit: ITV

5. Sharon

The basics: Sharon is a 25-year-old civil servant from Oxford

Single for: ???

Feels her intelligence is underestimated due to her pageant queen past.

Looking for: A man who can handle her assertiveness.

Find her on Instagram at @sharongaffka.

Credit: ITV

6. Jake

The basics: Jake is a 24-year-old water engineer from Weston-Super-Mare

Single for: 1 year

Describes himself as fun, funny, passionate and LOYAL, babes.

Looking for: Someone blonde, with blue eyes and little feet, as he loves to suck toes. Please keep that off-screen.

Find him on Instagram at @jakecornish7.

Credit: ITV

7. Liberty

The basics: Liberty is a 21-year-old Nando’s waitress from Birmingham

Single for: ???

Says she’s ditsy, but has her head screwed on. The question is if it will be turned in the Villa?

Looking for: someone who can handle “all of her extra hot sauce”. Cringe.

Find her on Instagram at @libertypoolex.

Credit: ITV

8. Brad

The basics: Brad is a 26-year-old labourer from Northumberland

Single for: 2 years

The resident Geordie, who says he’s “very honest, true to himself, a genuine, nice lad”. Famous last words.

Looking for: The one. And to get laid after a dry spell. Both would be nice.

Find him on Instagram at @brad_mcclell.

Credit: ITV

9. Kaz

The basics: Kaz is a 26-year-old fashion blogger from Essex

Single for: ???

Self-confessed man-eater, who went from a ‘sad b*tch to a bad b*tch’.

Looking for: A guy to rail her. At least she’s honest.

Find her on Instagram at @kazkamwi.

Credit: ITV

10. Aaron

The basics: Aaron is a 24-year-old working in events, from London

Single for: 6 months

Believes girls likes competition, so he keeps some extras on the side. He is mistaken.

Looking for: A girl to make his princess. He’s already sending mixed signals.

Find him on Instagram at @aaronfranciis.

Credit: ITV

11. Chloe

The basics: Chloe is a 25-year-old marketing specialist from Oxford

Single for: ???

Partial to a married man, and notes girls should be wary of their man around her. Knows this is Love Island, not Friend Island.

Looking for: Someone fit and funny. And hopefully not married?

Find her on Instagram at @chloe_burrows.

So that’s this year’s cast. But, in true Love Island style, there are still some surprises in store. The application process is still open – so if any Stirling students fancy their chances and an all-inclusive holiday to Spain, get applying. All you need is to be over 18, with a passport valid until February 2022, and 10 free weeks this summer. You can also apply through Tinder if you want to trade swiping for sun, sex, and… yet more messages. Just check your potential matches, and swipe right on the Love Island swipe card. If selected, you’ll be placed on a priority list to be reviewed by the Love Island casting team. Who knows, you could be one of the lucky few to actually get away this summer.

Love Island will be returning to screens Monday 28th at 9pm, on ITV2.

Check back every Monday for Brig’s lowdown on that week’s Love Island drama!

For more info on how Love Island series 7 will cope under COVID-19 restrictions, you can check Brig’s article on it here.

Featured image credit: ITV

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