Stick or Twist? Brig re-caps Love Island’s Casa Amor 2021

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Well, the Villa has been on quite the rollercoaster ride this week. Let’s be real, it took some time getting to the drama, but everything has well and truly kicked off.

But Casa Amor presents its challenges: of course, our fave islanders have to cope with their entire worlds turning upside down… But we have to remember 12 new names and faces. If you need reminding, check out our intros for this year’s Casa Amor additions – and if you’re needing a recap of this week… you’re in the right place. You better buckle up, because this will be a long one. But consider this is a warning – there are spoilers up ahead!

When one door closes…
Another one opens… / Image credit: ITV and Love Island

We left the Villa last week, conveniently at the same time as Aaron and Lucinda, who had just been dumped! Sadly for Aaron, though, that was just his first blow – as Lucinda has dumped him on the outside too! Turns out she didn’t have a boyfriend, but she did have dinner with Brad this weekend. Now that’s truly moving mad, huh…

We couldn’t miss them too long though, as the boys awoke on Monday to a text telling them to run… and it’s a shame the girls didn’t get that message, too. Of course, abandoning the Villas – and their partners – means only one thing: it’s time for Casa Amor.

The boys seemed chuffed to meet their new roomies: Clarisse, Lillie, Salma, Amy, Mary and Kaila. The girls were not so happy, however, to be sharing with new lads Dale, Medhy, Sam, Matt, Jack and Harry. I know it’s a lot of names but stay with me!

Casa girls (from L-R): Kaila, Lillie, Amy, Salma, Mary, and Clarisse / Image credit: ITV
New boys (from L-R): Dale, Medhy, Sam, Matt, Harry, and Jack / Image credit: ITV

It didn’t take long for the boys, and puppeteer Jake, to get up to their antics, giving a real look into what happens on a lads’ holiday. It was all fun and games to begin with – literally, as they constructed a messy game of truth or dare that ended with Liam in a three-way kiss, Toby kissed from head-to-toe, and both Teddy and Tyler sucking Clarisse’s toes.

Image credit: ITV

That was just night one, and soon things became less of a game, and more about building real connections. And it was Jake who encouraged them to graft new girls.

After all, it has only been a few weeks, and what loyalty or love could you really have for the girls back in the Villa? I mean, enough to make one of them your girlfriend, but besides that…

One thing that kept coming up was this lack of time; that a few weeks isn’t long enough to make a true connection with someone.

Liam said to Lillie, as he began grafting her, “I’ve only known Millie for 2 weeks”.

This is fair enough, obviously. But you’ve known Lillie for 2 days. You’re on a show where the max amount of time you can know someone is 7 weeks.

Love Island constantly puts you in a place where you’re torn: because, yes, 7 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It’s strange to ask these randomers for loyalty, like it’s a ball and chain. But those 7 weeks are all you have, and when you sacrifice time from a real connection for whichever newbie walks into the Villa, all you’re doing is making weaker connections with more people.

If that’s what you want, maybe you should’ve just stayed home on Tinder this summer.

The OG Villa was a lot less steamy, and a lot more sad.

Everyone took the boys leaving pretty hard, as Millie Moo was renamed Millie Moody. I’m sure she’d be in an even worse mood if she knew how Liam was behaving just around the corner.

The only girl who was TRULY in her element was Chloe – and there was no wayyyy she would pass up on six new boys. But there was only one who really took her fancy: 24-year-old barber Dale from Glasgow.

But even she wasn’t moving mad – there were no midnight romps or heavy petting, just sleeping next to him in bed.

The rest of the girls were outside, getting bitten to death by mosquitos and burnt the second the sun came up.

Surprisingly, even Abi was staying loyal to Toby, who had only just picked her at the latest recoupling. I think everyone was pretty surprised she had little interest in the new lads – using her relationship with Toby as justification.

I guess the same could be said for Kaz and Tyler, who had also coupled up after just a few days since his entry. But she snuggled up to Liberty and even cried for Tyler’s return… I guess they really are LOYAL, babes, but to what extent?

Looks like the holiday from hell for the girls. Image credit: ITV
Teddy is the only one who can be trusted, sorry. Image credit: ITV

The boys in Casa Amor couldn’t be more different: only Jake and Teddy slept on the daybeds, while Toby shared with Mary, Tyler with Clarisse, Hugo with Amy, and Liam with Lillie. This is where things get interesting.

Toby seemed to pretty much forget all about the main Villa, Abi, Chloe, even his beef with Hugo. He openly exclaimed how he wanted to stay in Casa Amor forever, and that he never wanted to go back. Honestly, his connection with Mary was barely interesting in comparison to his fellow islanders – something rare for Toby so far.

Clarisse was torn between both Tyler and Teddy, but settled for Ty after Teddy paid her dust. And this has viewers torn – it was clear Kaz was into him, and he seemed completely sold on him when he entered the Villa. But was he wrong to link up with Clarisse?

I don’t think anyone could expect him to not entertain it, but I wish he hadn’t sold Kaz a dream before he swanned off into someone else’s bed. Then we wouldn’t be watching her gutted on national TV.

Hugo’s Love Island experience has ‘finally begun’ after meeting Amy in Casa. Which is a shame, because everyone at home is wishing his experience would end.

Like Toby, his connection with Amy was boring, though I suppose it provided some cringey comedic relief from the main goings-on. Especially when he got pied outside.

I’m also glad he’s no longer just entertaining friendship couples; I hope him and Amy have real feelings for each other, but I’m just not sold on her. Anyone else?

Okay, now we get to the real meat-and-potatoes of the whole thing: Liam and Lillie.

I know many of us breathed a sigh of relief when Liam assured everyone he was “very very happy with Millie”. I mean, what more could we ask for, right?

Turns out, the bar is in hell and Liam is one of the main villains of the series.

He told Lillie that, despite his growing relationship with Millie, he’s interested in her and they decided to see if what they have could compare.

Granted, in the beginning, Liam laid some boundaries and didn’t want to be close, to cuddle or kiss in bed at night.

But of course, that changed, as, during a conversation on the third day, Liam kissed her three times, then went off with a smug grin to the boys.

Image credit: ITV

What happens on a lads holiday might stay there, but Love Island is a bit different. Okay, it’s a lot different, as pictures of the boys grafting the Casa girls were pasted onto a postcard and mailed back to the main Villa.

Naturally, chaos ensued, and tears were shed.

The girls were already lacking in trust for the guys – something that speaks VOLUMES – but now they were literally besides themselves with worry. The director’s cuts between them weeping and the boys winching didn’t exactly help us at home either.

Not the holiday souvenir the girls wanted. Image credit: ITV

Somehow, Kaz and Faye were the most rattled.

The postcard showed Tyler in bed with Clarisse, while picturing Teddy kissing her in the game of truth and dare.

Kaz saw this as the go-ahead to really get to know the boys, setting her sights on marketing consultant Matt.

Again, I wish Love Island would show us more of the islanders personalities, and them really getting to know each other.

Kaz and Matt seemed to connect pretty quickly, despite us seeing barely any interactions between the two of them in amongst the aforementioned crying and weeping.

Faye began grasping at straws for complaints about Teddy, of which I’m sure there are few.

She settled with saying he’s not funny, and that he’s never really made her laugh. This meant she turned her attentions to Sam, another background character finally getting some screen time, and he seemed pretty chuffed.

And, while I’m glad he was enjoying himself, I was seething at home.

Let it be known, I have LOVED Teddy and Faye from the beginning. I would go as far as to say I want them to win. And I could tell the producers ruined any potential reunion at the recoupling.

Credit: Love Island

The post-Casa recoupling is ALWAYS the best of the series because the tension is palpable, but typically, I feel like we have some couples to look forward to. But not this time.

If you’re unaware of the procedure, host Laura will ask the girls whether they want to stick – remain loyal to their previous Villa partner – or twist and pick a new boy to couple up with.

Their OG boy will then enter, either single or with their own Casa Amor girl. If both parties stick, then they get to recouple. If both twist, then the two new couples join the Villa. If one person sticks and one twists, however, then the one who sticked becomes single.

It sounds complicated, but I promise it’s not.

Chloe got to recouple first, and after a lengthy speech, she chose to twist and couple up with Dale. Luckily for Hugo, he also chose to stick and couple up with Casa Amor girl Amy. Woo hoo.

Abigail picked next and chose to stick with Toby. The same Toby who had dumped Kaz for Chloe, and Chloe for Abi.

Surprise, surprise! Toby chose to twist and couple up with Mary from Casa, making Abi single. She did look gutted, but Toby looked SHOCKED. That makes two of us.

We had our first reunion when both Liberty and Jake stuck by one another.

Now they’re boyfriend and girlfriend, I expected some big gesture or romantic speech, but nope. It was so anticlimactic, as Jake just never seems to emotionally connect with Lib. I don’t know what it is, but it’s lacking.

She looked amazing in orange, though, so I guess that’s good.

Image credit: ITV
Image credit: ITV

Kaz went next, choosing to twist and couple up with Matt, instead of sticking by Tyler. And she made the right choice, as Tyler walked in hand-in-hand with Clarisse.

Some heated words were exchanged, and it’s clear Kaz was vexed. I know some people don’t really understand why, but I think it’s obvious.

Tyler entered the Villa and made such a clear beeline for Kaz, not even stopping to entertain another girl. And it’s not like Kaz had an easy ride to begin with – she was made a lot of promises by Toby, only to be dropped.

And now Tyler has done it again.

I can’t imagine how emotionally taxing it must be to get to know these guys only to be dumped the second someone new comes around, let alone the mental pressures of being a black woman on Love Island. It’s known their experiences are so different to their peers, as told by previous islanders, like Samira, Yewande, Leanne, and Rachel most recently.

I know Love Island gets stick for being a surface-level, transparent and baseless show, but it’s as complex as our realities. Sometimes even more so: in such a microcosm it’s impossible to avoid the deeply uncomfortable rhetoric surrounding race and gender, in this case looking at black women and desire.

I strongly recommend reading this piece by gal-dem, which puts it better than I ever could. But the main takeaway, for me at least, is that Kaz isn’t angry – she’s tired. And no wonder.

Credit: ITV and My TV Journal on YouTube

Second to last was Faye, and chose to twist and couple up with Sam. I was devastated, not gonna lie, but not as devastated as Teddy, who walked out alone. Okay, he wasn’t alone. He was carrying Faye’s teddy that she gave him.

Just break my heart into smithereens why don’t you.

But I was furious as well. The only reason Faye recoupled, and Teddy was now single, was because of that postcard. The postcard took Teddy and Clarisse’s kiss out of context, making it look way worse than it was.

Meanwhile, Liam was pictured as sleeping beauty, rather than the devil himself.

The producers knew taking that kiss out of context would provoke a reaction from Faye, who’s been very honest about her trust issues this series. She has been at the center of some of the cruelest (and manufactured!) drama this series, and instead of allowing her to be happy with the guy she had finally opened up to, producers had to screw her over yet again.

I know we complained this series has been slow, but when there is FINALLY real drama and heartbreak, they don’t need to create more problems for the show.

Just as I’d finished drafting my Ofcom complaint though, last night they did make up and have a cheeky snog on the roof terrace. So I’ll hold off on that complaint. For now.

If looks could kill… / Image credit: ITV
All eyes on Liam. / Image credit: ITV

Last to pick was Millie, who obviously chose to stick by Liam. And, much to everyone’s surprise, Liam chose to stick by her – meaning he left Lillie back in Casa Amor. I’m not sure if this is better or worse though, because if you weren’t actually bothered about Lillie, why mess both girls around?

Just when Liam thought he’d gotten away with it, Laura invited back the Casa Amor girls, leaving Lillie to reveal exactly what went on. Cue the waterworks, as Millie was devastated.

Now you’d think Liam would begin groveling, but no! He sat there with that same old smug grin again.

In fact, he didn’t grovel at all and barely apologised for breaking Millie’s trust! Instead, he lied and played down what happened.

Clearly, Love Island was sick of his shit, just like those of us at home, and sent Lillie back to have a conversation with Millie. Some OGs will remember when Malin confronted Terry back in series 2 – and while this convo was a lot tamer, it was good to finally get some honest confrontation.

Terrible to watch, but it does make great reality TV. Credit: Love Island

I think that’s when Liam knew he was done for.

It was very telling the way he reacted once Millie returned from the meeting, telling Kaz to talk her down a bit and once again saying Lillie was overexaggerating.

He even went as far as to tell Millie she was being overdramatic and was looking at the situation wrong – I don’t know what he was trying to achieve but surely gaslighting and invalidating her feelings is not the way forward, right?

I’m glad Millie had the sense to see through it and sack him off, telling him she didn’t think she could ever trust him again. Whether I believe it, though, is a completely different story.

We’re approaching the sixth week now, and there’s not long left. I’m not sure I can see her making another connection like that in there, much less ignoring Liam’s puppy dog eyes and constant lies.

Image credit: ITV

As it stands, we have 8 couples in the Villa: Dale and Chloe, Hugo and Amy, Toby and Mary, Jake and Liberty, Matt and Kaz, Tyler and Clarisse, Sam and Faye, and Liam and Millie. We also have two singles: Abigail and my beloved Teddy. It’s safe to say Casa Amor truly did some damage.

After all, it’s surely THE best part of Love Island – where everything goes wrong, in both the best and worst ways.

And after a pretty dry season, this year’s cast DELIVERED, and God, did they make a mess of things. Now we just have to see how they get out of it.

Check back each Monday for Brig’s breakdown of that week’s drama!

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit : ITV

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