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We were left in the lurch last week, as two islanders awaited a dumping at the Island Vibes Club. The lucky two were in fact Dale and Abigail, meaning their time in the Villa was up. Gutted to see Abi go if I’m honest as she was just so lovely, but they weren’t in with a chance of winning and so it’s no real loss to the show.

Image credit: ITV
Image credit: ITV

But – in true Love Island style – when some go, more arrive. This time we said hello to 23-year-old Priya: a self-confessed Boris Johnson fangirl and medical student from London, and 24-year-old Aaron: a footballer from Devon, much to Mary’s immediate disappointment.

That disappointment didn’t last for long though, as, after a date, she seemed to become quite smitten. Aaron also took Chloe on a date and seemed super keen, admitting he wasn’t scared of stealing her away from Toby.

Chloe told Aaron she wasn’t keen but told Toby she was. Much respect to her for playing him at his own game. I think all of us are pretty surprised by how fast Chloe and Toby have grown on us – they truly went from being the villains of the series to genuine favourites to win. Plus they actually seem genuine, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toby has actually secured his first girlfriend.

I think Aaron realised this too, as he’s pretty much stuck to Mary’s side ever since that date. Priya, on the other hand, picked Matt and Teddy for a date, before similarly realising he’s completely committed to Faye. So, back to Matt it was.

An unsuccessful date. Image credit: ITV
A successful apology. Image credit: ITV

Luckily, Priya’s date with Teddy seemed to light a fire under Faye’s arse, as she realised she messed up last week. Well, that and the probably warning she received from producers. She apologised to Teddy last week, and I may have shed a tear or two. I know so many people are over them after her outburst, but this will be the hill I’ll die on: Faye and Teddy are probably one of the most genuine couples in that Villa for me, and I see them having the most longevity. I don’t care what the polls say – but more on that later.

And what better way to rebuild their relationship than to pass their NVQs. Faye, Liberty, Chloe, and Millie all made a prom-day-pact to have sex with their partners in the communal bedroom that night. Honestly, I got war-flashbacks to living in student halls after those scenes, and I never want to relive that again. As if the pandemic weight gain and my social anxiety weren’t enough to deter me from applying next summer, I think this was enough to push me over the edge.

Priya hosted a graduation ceremony for the girls on the roof terrace, swapping the mortarboard hat for some khaki cap from an old brand sponsorship. Priya herself couldn’t join in, however, as she was stuck in possibly the most boring Love Island love triangle of all time.

Of course, she was getting on fine with Matt, but suddenly had eyes for new boy Brett, a 27-year-old PhD student, and model from Derbyshire. While Matt struggled to get a peck from Priya, Brett got to take her on a date and woo her. While it wasn’t their perfect date of A RUN (yes, a run), it was pretty clear to me who she was most interested in, but it still came as a surprise when she picked Brett at the recoupling, sending Matt home.

Newbie Brett. Image credit: ITV

None of the other couples were surprising – this was the penultimate week of series 7, and everyone is pretty comfortable. They got a hell of a lot more comfortable this week, after the infamous heart rate challenge – which sees islanders dress up in “sexy” outfits, to do some “sexy” dancing in the hopes of raising the other partners’ heart rates.

Of course, sexy is in quotes – because this is when I personally get the ick so badly that every islander becomes unattractive. Yes, even Teddy – who somehow managed to raise one of the girls’ heart rates. It was Millie, though, who put in the most work and ultimately won it for the girls.

As our couples currently stand. Image credit: ITV

Somehow, Jake and Liberty managed to escape all drama until this far into the series. Liberty has been so sure of Jake, with unwavering confidence in him and their relationship, that we, as viewers, just haven’t shared.

But it seems like Jake’s placement in the bottom three of last week’s vote has her shook. Well, that and his weird behaviour after Kaz and Tyler became exclusive in a sweet – but largely pointless – gesture. I mean, they’re in the final week now – who else are they going to meet? Ty could’ve made her his girlfriend at least, but I digress.

Credit: Love Island on YouTube

Once they came down from the roof terrace, of course Liberty wanted to run over and give her best mate a hug. But it was Jake who physically held her back, talking about some ‘private moment’ they could share together as her closest friends. While there have been plenty of red flags with Jake, this was one that genuinely just confused us at home. I can’t place what made him think that was an appropriate or normal thing to do – how can you play that off as an uncalculated move?

Liberty admitted that he regularly reminds her they’re on a TV show, and that there are cameras following them. She herself questioned what was real, and what was for the cameras. I know she’s young, and seems kind of naive, but at what point do you have to completely re-evaluate your relationship? Because she is his GURRRLFRIEND now, in case you’d forgotten, and it’s not a reach to assume he could’ve taken the next step just for more airtime.

Trust producers to add fuel to the fire, as they asked the public to choose couples for certain titles. Sure, some of them were nice – like Millie and Liam being crowned ‘most genuine couple’ – but others hit a bit deeper. Lib and Jake were labelled ‘most one-sided relationship’ and ‘most likely to break-up first’. Ouch.

Credit: Love Island on YouTube

Cue Lib whinging in the beach hut, saying “am I missing something? Yeah, we’ve had a rocky week but the spark that we have, I’ve never felt like this before”. And I do feel bad for her – but it’s not like she’s had the rug pulled from under her feet. I feel like every week, there’s something off with Jake, but after one conversation with him, she wakes up in the morning like there’s no problem at all.

It sounds like the rest of the girls have noticed this too – besties Kaz, Faye, and Chloe all said she goes back and forth, never fully talking about their issues and instead just looking past them. So again, they told her to go and tell him how she feels – that she feels discarded, that she doesn’t trust his intentions and is second-guessing what’s for her and what’s for TV.

All Jake had to do was sweet talk her for yet another argument to go ignored. “Well, um, Lib, it’s because I do love you,” is not the romantic gesture Jake thought it was. It doesn’t answer any question or insecurity she has, and it definitely didn’t pull at our heartstrings either. I’m not doubting whether he has love for her – I’m sure some of it, somewhere, is genuine. But it’s just awfully convenient.

If it’s been on the tip of your tongue, as Jake says, then why didn’t it come up the day before? Or sometime last week? Why is it only when your back’s against the wall that you can muster the courage to admit it?

Nothing good will ever come from a relationship where someone is pushed to say I love you, particularly not when it’s in the midst of a conflict. So even if it’s true… it doesn’t bode well for any future communication they need to have.

And yet, Liberty bounded down the stairs with a smile on her face and was met with silence. Because, at this point, what else can be said?

Credit: @princesscynbb on Twitter

Faye and Chloe had to actually up and leave the conversation – which was met with some obvious criticism. People feel it was ingenuine of Faye to walk away from conflict, rather than staying and fighting for Lib. She can’t really win – there’s the possibility that, yes, she has been warned by producers to curb her anger, but that she’s also realised it doesn’t pay off to rant and rave all the time. I’m glad she walked away to Teddy – if anything, to save our eardrums for the rest of the episode.

Image credits: ITV

Again ensued a game of broken telephone, as islanders went round in groups whispering about Jake and Lib, but mainly Jake. It was Toby who bit the bullet and let him know what was going on – after all, he is the resident boy’s boy, unlike the other girl followers. Unsurprisingly, Jake dealt with it how he deals with all conflict – by just walking away and creating a show.

He stormed into the downstairs toilet, removed his t-shirt, then stomped out of the Villa to go sit on the stairs. Now, if I was being told I came across as an ingenuine attention seeker who doesn’t love his girlfriend, the first thing I would do is go over to her and offer reassurance. I wouldn’t march off alone, knowing the cameras were following me, without speaking to those I’ve deemed my ‘family’ for the past 7 weeks.

Maybe I’m being a hypocrite, and similarly to Faye, it was good for Jake to remove himself from the situation to cool off. I just don’t know how, as partners, Jake and Lib wouldn’t go to each other after having their relationship questioned yet again. Instead, he came back to Teddy and Toby and demanded the names of those doubting him. They’d be there a while, listing off the whole Villa.

Teddy was right, telling him he’s completely ignored the issues he has with Lib, and that saying “I love you” is not a solution for weeks’ worth of mistrust. Chloe and Faye also told Jake, albeit in a lot less tender way. Everything ended in kisses and hugs, but I can’t help but wonder if they can go back to how they were, or if this will change how they all see each other.

I know some people feel a bit bad for Jake, or that these issues are a bit baseless. I understand to a degree. But I do think something has to be said if every girl in the Villa, and some of the boys, have noticed these problems. Clearly, this has been an issue both on and off-screen.

Anyone order the ick for dinner? Image credit: ITV
Peep Tyler’s lockscreen… Image credit: ITV

Last night’s episode swapped drama for dinner, as the boys had to prepare a meal for the girls. We found out a few things: Liam doesn’t know what aphrodisiac means, Faye hates pasta, and Priya… well, Priya has gotten the ick from Brett. In fact, she said he was boring, and she wouldn’t pick him for another date.

And, just like that, it’s like the Love Island gods were listening. They made their dinner dates pick two couples they believe were the two least compatible couples. Millie and Liam, Kaz and Tyler, and Chloe and Toby received zero votes – which surely has viewers quaking, considering their anti-Kyler tirades, saying they’re ingenuine. Clearly, our islanders see something Fiat-500 doesn’t.

On the other hand, Mary and Aaron, Faye and Teddy, and Liberty and Jake each received 3 votes each. Brett and Priya topped the list, receiving 5 votes and making them, seemingly, the least compatible. Lucky us, though, as it was left open to a vote to see who’ll get dumped.

Credit: Love Island on YouTube

Now, predictions: I’m hoping it’s just one couple going, but if so, I don’t know why they wouldn’t have just dumped Brett and Priya immediately. Respectfully, it’s not like we’d be missing much with them leaving. Their introduction to the show is boring and a classic example of why late entries don’t do well in this show. People don’t care – there have been too many new faces, and unless they rock the boat, newbies are less likely to make a real impact on the Villa. Viewers don’t want to invest in a new romance in its first week when they have couples who have been together for 7.

However, the fact it’s open to the public vote makes me believe there might be two going. I say it every week, but I am part of the Feddy defensive squad, and I’m worried this leaves them open to a dumping. Too many people said they’re saving Jake and Lib, just to keep Lib in the Villa. While I get she’s a big part of that journey, particularly her friendship with Kaz and the other girls, we’re in the final week. It’s no longer about just solo islanders, but whether they’re part of a strong couple.

With that being said, the final week brings about a few of the usual island traditions. We can imagine we’ll be stuck with yet another baby challenge – while this is normally a terrible episode, I look forward to seeing Chloe and Toby struggle with a doll for a bit.

We also have the islander speeches, and I bet Milliam and Feddy’s will hit different – if they make it through the next few eps.

Next Monday will be the final column of Brig’s on this series of Love Island.

Love Island airs every night at 9 pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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