Why the name ‘Twitter’ no longer conforms to the ‘everything app’, X.com.

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The immensely loved social media app originally named ‘Twitter’, has now been renamed ‘X’. 

Business Magnate Elon Musk, who recently bought the company over from Billionaire and Tech founder Jack Dorsey, is currently putting the application through a full rebranding. The process started on July 22nd.

The app and website, which has over 450 million users, is now named ‘X.com’. This is unsurprising as Musk is known to use the letter X often, even naming his latest son X. It was also the original name of what we now know as ‘PayPal’.

The logo has also changed from the well-known blue Twitter bird to a white ‘X’ drawn over a black background.

To cement the change entirely, the Twitter sign on the outside of the Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco, California has officially been removed. Now, the building sports a big ‘X’ on the outside instead.

Fans of the app were taken aback by the drastic change of ownership and rebranding. Many were left with one question– why?

Elon Musk shared a tweet providing his app users with more of an understanding.

He expresses that ‘X’ is an ‘everything app.’ As Twitter was once used to share short messages, as Musk says ‘like birds tweeting’, the name was suited. Now, it’s a place to share lengthier texts, hours of video, news platforms, and more, Elon Musk thought it was time for a name change.

Elon Musk’s tweet on Twitter’s name change. Image Credits: X.com

So what changes?

As of now, this rebranding of Twitter is where the app changes end. Only a few new features have been introduced but no changes have been made to its current state. However, Musk has been very vocal about what he would like X.com to become.

As seen in his tweet, he wants to “add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct [the] entire financial world.”

Starting from July 28, in an effort to reward creators’ efforts and help people earn a living from posting, X.com has made Ads Revenue Sharing live for eligible creators.

Adding to this, the official X account on X.com has recently shared that “there’s so much more on the horizon,” after the vision for the betterment of the app has been ongoing for the past nine months.

This name change also implies his determinedness to keep ownership of the company for an extended period of time, however long that may be. It is unlikely that another person will now want to buy it out with its implications.

Elon Musk, Image Credits: Nathan Laine/Bloomberg, https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023

The only thing left to do is wait for the further changes that Musk, alongside his CEO Linda Yaccarino, will add to the company. It would be no surprise if the app-user numbers dropped though, as many were against its change.

You can stay updated on the future of the app on the X.com website.

Feature Image credits: X.com

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