The Reality of Being a 21st-Century Woman

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Since the very beginning of humankind, women have been classed as the “inferior” gender.

For some reason, women have always been believed to be “weak” or “emotional wrecks” compared to the “superior” and “providing” men. I wish I understood why, but I’m afraid I never will.

Luckily, women have come a very long way since those days, especially in the last century; there are so many amazing women that helped accomplish this revolutionary change.

I’m proud of being a woman in today’s day and age. We are more independent than we used to be; our thoughts and needs are more accepted; we can have our own aspirations and dreams; we can vote; we can hold a place in politics or in government; we have a voice.

But over recent years, there’s been another power that we, as women, haven’t yet conquered: social media. And I think it’s time we finally do.

While I like that modernisation, technology and other advancements help women become smarter, more appreciated – at work or otherwise – and self-sufficient, I find that some of these developments can also be our downfalls.

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It’s common knowledge at this point that social media frequently leads to comparing oneself to others. That’s the power social media holds over us. It causes people, mainly women, to love themselves (and at times even each other) less and less.

Comparing oneself to someone else has become an automatic response; really, I find we do it without even realising it. It’s not healthy to determine our worth based on the number of likes we get on a photo we spent hours curating or to wish we looked prettier or fitter even though we ourselves are beautiful just the way we are.

Honestly, when did we let this become a reflex?

We need to learn how to get on top of this. We know it’s an issue, and it’s been an issue for a long time now. There have been bigger things that we, women, have accomplished in the past.

While it can be hard to navigate our thoughts, especially when we’re younger, and it can be difficult not to get sucked into the vortex of “I wish I was as pretty as so-and-so!”, I’d like to remind all women of what Viola Davis once said: “When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

Keep this in mind during this year’s Women’s History Month, and support each other, love each other and care for each other. Watch amazing things happen!

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