Top 5 Stirling cafés to visit this spring

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Spring is just around the corner now! The sun will begin to get warmer, the flowers will begin to bloom and outdoor seating will be open. What better way is there to prepare for spring if not making a list of a few Stirling cafés to visit? 

Be prepared to be charmed and allured by a few hidden gems in this list!

Unorthodox Roasters

Unorthodox Roaster’s beer garden. / Image Credit: Hidden Scotland

Not so much a hidden gem, but the beer garden in Unorthodox Roasters remains one of my favourites. I love going there in the mornings or early afternoon, around the time the sun shines directly on your face. The feeling of warmth it gives me is unmatchable! 

Not to mention, as I’m sure many of you know, Unorthodox Roasters has an incredible menu. My favourite order has to be the Chai Latte and the Bombay Bicycle Club. Though come spring, maybe I’ll want to freshen myself up with a cooler drink. 

The Portcullis

The outdoor area in The Portcullis. / Image Credit: tulsatime123 on TripAdvisor

This one here, I find, is the most hidden gem of all. 

Nestled right beneath the Stirling Castle, this café is part of the old pub hotel, Portcullis. Their beer garden is protected by high stone walls, which makes for a lovely, cooling escape from the sun’s rays. 

You get a lot of little birds that come say hello, too, and it feels like you’re fully immersed in nature while also hidden away from the rest of the world.

I think many people might have passed this place without knowing it’s there or thinking that it’s expensive. Their coffee (I’ve had a Café Latte – classic) is very affordable and tastes amazing. I’d definitely give this place a go in the spring or summertime!

Allan Park

Allan Park’s outdoor sitting area is perfect for an afternoon coffee! / Image Credit: Independent Stirling

Like the Portcullis, Allan Park is deemed to be one of the more lush places. 

However, if you’re in the area or are just wanting a little change of scenery, then grabbing a coffee at Allan Park is a great idea! It’s secluded from the town’s bustling energy and makes you feel like you’re on holiday. It has quite a relaxing atmosphere. 

The Pend – Cafe, Deli & Bistro

The Pend can be found on Port Street. / Image Credit: The Pend – Cafe, Deli & Bistro on Facebook

Yet another hidden gem! Did you know that this cute little deli can be found on Port Street?

There’s a little passage that takes you to the sweet and romantic-looking place. The courtyard in itself is wonderful. Sitting there, you wouldn’t think that on the other end of the passage finds itself a lively town. Once again, this place allows you to escape for a little while.

The deli has amazing cakes, coffee and meal options – some of which are also gluten-free, and all within the student budget! 


Cisco’s is the perfect place to feel the bustling energy of Stirling while enjoying your coffee. / Image Credit: Go Forth Stirling

A sandwich and coffee bar, Cisco’s is basically on the other side of the street from The Pend. 

During spring and summer, when I want to be surrounded by liveliness and energy, I like to sit in the outdoor area and people-watch while I drink my coffee. Cisco’s also does breakfasts, which I’d like to try out someday.

Sitting outside of the café on an early spring morning with a delicious breakfast is definitely on my bucket list this spring. 

Featured Image Credit: Go Forth Stirling

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