The University of Stirling Art Collection to launch new art exhibition, ‘Inspired!’

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On Thursday, September 21, at 5:30pm, the University of Stirling Art Collection will launch the 2023/24 art exhibition, ‘Inspired!’, in Pathfoot.

Each academic year, the university’s contemporary Scottish art exhibitions, events and workshops have a theme. This year’s theme ‘Inspired!’ will celebrate how the university’s campus and art collections have boosted creativity.  

The evening will begin with The Airthrey Dance Trail. Created by professional dancer Grace Turner, the Dance Trail is an immersive series of dance films set in and inspired by the University of Stirling’s landscapes, including its lochs and ancient woodland.

The self-guided nature trail was funded in 2020 by Scene Stirling, Creative Scotland and Stirling Council. It invites the audience to stop at seven marked points around the campus and view the films on their phones.

After a special performance by Grace Turner at the Boat House by Airthrey Loch, the ‘Inspired!’ exhibition will be launched in Crush Hall. The art to be exhibited consists of multiple forms, from printmaking to fine art.

Emma McCombie, Deputy Head of Collections at the University of Stirling, said: “I’m delighted to announce Inspired! as our Art Collection theme for 2023-24. Improving access to art and encouraging people to engage with it is central to the University of Stirling’s mission.

“I am looking forward to seeing how Inspired! develops across the year and learn how our staff, students and visitors gain inspiration from the experience of being at Stirling and from our wonderful art collections.”

Ticket information can be found at @artatstirling’s Instagram page or Eventbrite.

Featured Image Credit: Julie Howden

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