Mother’s Day and what it means to me

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Mother’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, March 19 this year in the UK.

It is the third most celebrated holiday in the world only behind Christmas and Easter.

In my opinion, it is a beautiful day for children to treat their mum to a relaxing day, and to show their appreciation for all the hard work their mothers do for them.

It is celebrated in many different ways around the world, in former Yugoslavia it was tradition to tie your mother up and the only way she could be freed was to pay her children with sweets.

In America, children traditionally treat their mothers to breakfast in bed. Adults often give their mothers red carnations, which is the official Mother’s Day flower, and those who have lost their mothers take white carnations to their graves.

Italians celebrate La Festa della Mamma, with a big feast and a cake in the shape of a heart, families take over the chores for the day and the children make gifts at school to bring home for their mother.

I think it is so nice to see different traditions come together to celebrate one common love.

I can say my mum is my biggest fan, and I am hers. She encourages me every day without fail to go after what I want.

I made her take me to so many different classes including dancing, gymnastics, and drama, and when I wanted to quit them all she never forced me to stay, she let me choose the next class I wanted to try out and she signed me up and drove me with no hassle.

I am so lucky to have a mum who has shown me so much in life.

We have travelled together and seen cities such as Paris, Barcelona and Poznań.

She was also the person who got me into watching football and encourages me to go to all the games so that I can support our team. This passion has stuck with me thus far in life and I would like to continue this down to my own children one day, and my mum is the one to thank for that.

But this is sadly not the case for everyone.

I know Mother’s Day can be difficult for many children, no matter what age they are. Whether you lost your mum when you were two or 62.

It can be a sad reminder of what you do not have and my heart hurts for the people who have to go through the pain each year.

I am inspired by the millions of people who put on a brave face for Mother’s Day each year because I cannot imagine it is easy.

Equally, I’m inspired by the mothers who are being treated by their children, who want to spoil their own mother, but sadly cannot.

So I think Mother’s Day should be a day not to just celebrate the mothers who are here but all mothers, past and present.

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