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World Noodle Day: The best instant noodles

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October 6th is World Noodle Day and it is common for noodles to be a student’s best friend throughout their whole academic career. So what are the best instant noodles to get you through those long, hard study days?

1. Koka

The classic instant noodle, perhaps the most basic, but definitely unbeatable.

It depends if you are a chicken lover or a curry lover, and that’s a whole other debate.

Either way Koka Noodles have the perfect amount of saltiness and the best thing about them is they are just as good out the packet into the pan as they are water into the cup.

2. Soba

This brand is a lot more varied with their flavours so you can try some new kinds but you can’t go wrong with the classic chicken.

A bit different from Koka Noodles, Soba Noodles require you to drain the water before adding your sauce packet.

This of course makes the noodles a lot drier than soupy but the noodles still have plenty of flavour.

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3. Pot Noodles

Pot Noodle have really branched out recently with their flavours and again there is much to debate.

You can never go wrong with the classic flavours in the pot though, Chicken and Mushroom, Sticky Rib, Original Curry.

Pot Noodles are perfect if you want to try a new flavour of noodle every week.

4. Super Noodles

These are a childhood classic that can go with anything.

Enjoy them on their own or paired with some chicken, depending on how much effort you’re willing to put into your meal that day.

Another noodle that you can’t go wrong with the classic flavour, chicken.

5. Maggi

Maggi Noodles are so easy to make and so tasty. All it takes is pouring boiling water into a bowl, placing your noodles and the flavour packet into the water and then covering the bowl with a plate for three minutes to let the noodles cook.

It saves time on having to clean the pot and bowl afterwards, all there is to clean is the bowl, saving so much precious time.

6. Shincup

These noodles are super tasty, and if you are looking for spice these are the ones for you.

Again, all it takes to make is adding the flavour sachet and boiling water and leaving it for three minutes.

These are some of the spiciest instant noodles however so avoid if you don’t like spice.

So, there are more than enough instant noodles for you to try this World Noodle Day, and plenty not mentioned in this article. Take your pick and enjoy a nice, easy meal this October 6th!

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